World Cup Semi-Final 2018: Belgium Lost to France’s Tactics

All of us had a lot of expectations about the first semi-final in Saint Petersburg. Most of us had probably thought it would be an exciting one. But watching the match, no one can deny that it was really an exciting one!

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There are lots of reasons for saying that. You can also analyze some of them quite easily.

Did you know, “Paul Pogba has dedicated this win to the Thai 12 boys who have been rescued all yesterday?”

Belgium has played one semi-final before in 1986. After 32 years they are once again in the semi-final. So, it’s pretty simple that the Belgian team and the fans would be excited.

In this type of match, a coach will always want his best player to be in form. But if you have watched yesterday’s match, you will easily notice that Lukaku wasn’t in a good rhythm yesterday.

A player who has been playing well from the group stage matches and suddenly he was not in a comfortable zone to show his skills in the semi-final match. This was quite shocking for Belgium.

Belgium has also missed Thomas Meunier badly.

He couldn’t play yesterday’s match as he had conceded two yellow cards.

Before the match, some of us thought Belgium is going to play with the 4-2-3-1 formation. But Roberto Martinez had thought something else. He went with the 3-5-2 formation.

With this formation against France’s 4-2-3-1, it was not a cup of tea for Belgium to beat France. It would be probably easy to play against some weak teams.

We have seen Dembele playing in Meunier’s position. Dembele plays in the center midfield. On the other hand, Meunier plays in right wing back position.

Does this make any sense? This was a lot of fans’ question yesterday. In the end, Dembele couldn’t play his natural game.

It’s not like that Belgium didn’t play well. They tried hard too.

In the 19th minute of the match when Hazzard went for an attack from the left flank, who could have thought that it would be deflected by Varane.

Then just after three minutes of that attack Belgium could have got their first goal from the corner. But the goalkeeper Lloris deflected Alderweireld’s shot with his great effort.

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Though France won the match they didn’t show a great performance. They also missed so many chances in the first half.

No one perhaps expects those miss chances. France could have scored 3 more goals if Pavard and especially Giroud didn’t miss their golden opportunities.

After a lot of miss chances, finally, the success caught in France’s hand. In the 51st minute, Samuel Umtiti’s header gave France 1-0 lead where the corner shot was taken by Griezman.

Source: The Australian

After conceding that goal, it was clearly seen how Hazzard alone tried to level the score. But he was continuously fouled just near the D-box and the referee wasn’t interested enough to give those fouls. At least, he is not Neymar!

In the stoppage time, France had an intention to waste the time as they were ahead of Belgium. You might have noticed that Mbappe got a yellow card at the last moment of the match.

Nothing matters if you win the match and they have done that. Now we have to see who is going to meet France on Sunday. Is it England or Croatia? What do you expect?


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