World Cup Football-2018: Europe’s Subtlety, or Latino’s Glamour (Part-2)

Like Italy in Europe, Chile is the regret of Latin America in this World Cup. Chile’s star-studded two-times consecutive Copa América champion team, along with their fans are very much unfortunate for being knocked out of this year’s qualification. Otherwise, with Argentina-Brazil, Vidal-Bravo-Sanchez’s Chile could also be kept in the first row in terms of their winning possibility. That’s why the flag of Latin America will be flagged in the 2018 World Cup by Brazil-Argentina-Uruguay and Colombia.

Chile knocked out from World Cup 2018. Source: El Universo

Moreover, if Peru can cross the group stage, then they have the possibility to face Argentine in the second round. So, considering such facts, a million fans of the Latin lucrative football will hope for the best for the mentioned four teams.

Let’s start with the two times world cup champion Uruguay; Cavani-Suarez’s promising Uruguay. Uruguay’s fight will start from the group stage. Host Russia and the newest sensation of football world-Mohammad Salah’s Egypt will be in the race for the second round with them. If Uruguay can reach the second round, they are likely to face Spain or Portugal. France can be the next opponent. So it is better to leave the fate of Uruguay for the future.

Source: The Indian Express

Colombia has the caliber and competency to surprise this time. But they have to cross Poland, African eagle Senegal and Japan- the Brazil of Asia, from their group stage. If they can move to the next round, then there will be a chance to fight against England or Belgium having almost the same strength. It is pretty much possible for Colombia to reach at least quarter-finals in terms of their affordability. Then they may face neighboring Brazil. Let the rest of the equation be left on the hand of time.

Now it’s time to talk about the lonely prince and undoubtedly the best magician of football for the last decade- Lionel Messi and his mighty Argentina. When we review the last World Cup, we see Argentina went to Brazil with the strongest and dangerous strikers of the time in 2014. Incredibly, the team’s traditional feeble defense and one-man-army Messi reached them to the final. But unfortunately, the long-lasting title-less fate could not change for the two times ex-world champion for that time. Their so-called club legend strikers have to bear the responsibility more than Messi’s doldrums in that finale.


Argentina is still the Messi’s Argentine in this year’s World Cup. And if their defense cannot last as long as the last time, the dream that countless fans hope before every World Cup, the Brazil-Argentina final, will be a dream again. According to the fixture, an Argentine-Brazil final is possible, but in that case, Brazil has to make the equations, so that Argentina- by crossing the tough bundle like Portugal/Spain and France. Russia’s cold weather can also stand as Argentina’s big opponent.

Brazil is statistically the most successful team in football history. Even now, the most respectable team is this Selecao Brasilia. With the greatly talented and literally the most valuable footballers, Tite’s Brazil team is said to be fairly self-sufficient. Neymar-Jesus-Willean-Coutinho-Paulinho-Silva-Marcelo’s attack-midfield-defense is almost invincible. However, the way to the quarter-finals is fairly smooth for Brazil. Then they may have to compete against Germany in the Semi-final. The possibility of winning the Brazilian Hexa mission depends largely whether the 7-1 tragedy is repeated or will they write a new history.


Brazil-Germany and France-Argentina can be line up for 2018 World Cup semi-final. Anything is possible in the uncertain football game though. In one hand the unexpected results enrich the beauty of football, on the other hand, the possibility of winning the crown by the traditional parties has been proven to be the most predictable since the beginning of the World Cup. But of course, all these answers are available at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, on July 15, 2018, Till then, let’s continue the excitement of “The Greatest Show on the Earth” and raise the storm in the teacup of our innocent support.

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