World Cup Football – 2018: Europe’s Subtlety, Or Latino’s Glamour (Part-1)

Although thousands of analogs describe the World Cup Football, this great festive is most appropriate in the title of “Greatest Show on the Earth”. It is only the God, who can tell why He has repeatedly endowed the crown of Europe and Latin American football among the excellence over the billions of world visitors and supporters.

World Cup Football - 2018

Since the beginning, among 20 of the World Cups Europe (11 times) and Latin America (9 times) have shared the trophies among themselves. Considering that and analyzing the recent playing statistics, it can definitely be said that the 2018 World Cup will be also for the two continents.

In terms of reality and current performance, today’s episodes will have the capability and potential for winning the World Cup in Europe.

World Cup-winning countries from Europe are five – Germany and Italy (4 times), and England, France, and Spain (each 1 time). Europe, even for the whole world football, one of the world’s top superpowers- Italy’s unfortunate absence (due to failing in the selection) has made European World Cup winner nations into four in the upcoming world cup.

Although in addition to surprise, football lovers can keep an eye on CR-7’s Portugal and under-dog superpower Belgium. Also, if Russia enjoys some benefit due to being hosted, then let’s leave the party far away.

World Cup Football Germany trophy win

Considering the group, England’s chances for the knock-out ranks shall be beyond any doubt. Under the same consideration, Belgium will have the same chance, because they have to face comparatively weak teams like Tunisia and Panama. Whatever the current form of England, who won the 1966 title, they could expect at least quarter-final to play if they can play their natural game.

According to the fixture, they might be played against Brazil or Germany in the quarter-finals. There will be their main test. But before that, they have to face Poland / Colombia / Senegal or Japan from Group-H. Colombia may be their biggest opponent. On the other hand, Belgium’s equation is very similar to England.

There is nothing to predict about the current champion Germany. Although the mathematical probability value is always between 0 and 1, the potential of Germany in the World Cup is never 0, but it is closer to 1. The number one team in the 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014’s World cup would rather think about the semifinals. Because they have the possibility to face Brazil. If that prospect is true, then supporters can dream of a classic match of speed and beauty.

Inventing a different level of playing, Spain has taken the 2010 World cup by almost pre-declaration. Although this mighty team is little under-rated now, Spain has already given a growling to Argentina with the humiliation of half-a-dozen goals in a recent friendly match. However, according to the group’s schedule, Spain could be seen in the quarter-finals with Argentina. Even with a slight deviation of any team, Spain might have to face terrific France. That one slight mistake is enough to break the dream of their World Cup indeed!


Europe’s latest and biggest trump card is France. Zidan’s ’98 World cup Champion France is now a dream team compiled by Griezman-Mbappe-Paet-Pogba-Giroud-Dembelle-Lauris and some others greatest footballers, that reminds the invincible 70’s Brazil team. There is no other defect except in France’s “Star-players” fame (!). If the Football-God is not hostile to football, then one of the World Cup’s upset will be France if they can’t qualify for the final. But before the final, France might have to defeat the bigger hurdles like Portugal, Spain or Argentina.

The absence of big names such as Italy and Netherlands has made the World Cup-2018 a bit gloomy, but its appeal could not be reduced. Despite the beauty of uncertainty in football, the European World cup winner nations Germany, Spain and France have the crown winning potential; moreover, England, (the harbinger of football) have been dreaming of something good like ever before.

On the other hand, Belgium and Portugal (the current Euro champion) have already proved themselves as dark horses due to their recent performances. Now it is the only way to know whether the flawless European or the entrancing Latin football will succeed is to keep an eye on the final of the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 15 July.

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