World Cup 2018: Mexico Did the Wonder!

The defending champion, the fourth time FIFA World Cup football winner have been stumbled at their first match in Russia. Yes, we are talking about Germany who has just lost their first group match against Mexico. After watching the match no football fans can’t deny that it was an upset. Even the Germans can’t say it.

From the very beginning of the match, Mexico showed some great skills at a great pace. They even didn’t let us realize that they couldn’t win the match. Because they competed the Germans in the whole match.

World Cup 2018: Mexico Did the Wonder!

History says Mexico has never lost their first match in any FIFA world cup. This is their first win against Germany in FIFA world cup. It is also remarkable that they have played four times against Germany in all FIFA world cup football.

Both teams were playing attacking football from the beginning. It was never realized that Mexico is 15th in the football ranking. But the long-distance shots were too weak to make the goalkeepers fool. But at 35 minutes, Lozano did the possible. Hernandez passed the ball left side to Lozano. Lozano was a little bit away from the ball. He ran a long way and received the ball. Then he took a lower shot and finally Mexico scored.

mexico goal vs germany
Source: Reuters UK

After three minutes Germany also got a chance to level the score. But Kroos’s shot was defended by the Mexican goalkeeper. It was one of the spectacular shots of the match.

Both the teams got a lot of chances then but no one couldn’t properly utilize their chances. Mexico got the chance in 63rd minutes and Germany also got a chance in 65th minutes. In 88th minute Brandt crossed the ball but Gomez was a little bit away from the ball.

The interesting part happened when Manuel Neuer came to the Mexican de-box in the additional time. But alas! His presence couldn’t stop the Germany to lose the match.

mexico match
Source: Telegraph

In the match, Germany had the most ball possessions, shot attempts. Overall, we enjoyed an attacking match what we used to know. But they couldn’t execute their final move. They were in need of a finisher yesterday. Sometimes, some overconfidence also kills. But what a match by Mexico! History will always remember you.

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