World Cup 2018: Hungry Costa Rica is in front of under-pressured Brazil

Did you know when Brazil ended up the World Cup from the group stages? Couldn’t remember, is it? It’s not a record to remember. And if you are a Brazil supporter then there is no word. Anyway, here is the info, after 1966 England World Cup, Selecao was never dropped from the group stage of the World Cup.

World Cup 2018: Hungry Costa Rica is in front of under-pressured Brazil
Source: SIT News – Sports Information Traders

There is no reason to think that we are here to talk about the possibility of Brazil’s elimination from the group stage of this year’s World Cup. But after their unexpected draw with Switzerland in the first match, now Selecao coach Tite has to be careful to calculate the calculations.

In fact, the draw in Brazil’s first match changed the possible picture of E group. Serbia is on top with 3 points from their 1-0 victory against Costa Rica, Brazil and Switzerland, who are respectively ranked 2nd and 3rd with their 1-1 draw. The last position is going to Costa Rica, the surprise package of last World Cup.

Brazil team was marked as one of the biggest favourites before the start of the World Cup, and they are undoubtedly quite balanced. You must confess that everyone in this team is overwhelmingly good at their own position. However, there is no doubt that Neymar, the world’s most expensive football player, was at the centre of Selecao coach Tite’s game plan. But after returning from four months of injury, Neymar couldn’t do well enough in the first match. Although the Swiss players did foul on him for the record 10 times in the last match, which is highest against any certain player in the last 20 years. Apart from that, his influence was not expected.

World Cup 2018: Hungry Costa Rica is in front of under-pressured Brazil

At the top of this, his just recovered injury has been flourished a bit in the practice session after the last match. According to the available news till now, it perhaps not such dangerous one for him.

The most positive aspect of Brazil’s first match was Coutinho’s cool start of this World Cup. In his first season for Barcelona, the former Liverpool forward has proved himself so far. His excellent strike brought his team a very early led in their first match against Switzerland. However, describing how important Neymar’s presence is in the team, Coutinho said,

“Neymar is one of the best players in the world. Of course, having him on our side is a big plus for us.”

Later he added, “He is so important. He is always creating the play, creating space.”

World Cup 2018: Hungry Costa Rica is in front of under-pressured Brazil
Source: Ultima Hora

On the other hand, in the last Brazilian World Cup, Sabie shocked England, Italy and Uruguay to play the quarter-finals. Though Costa Rica could not make the start of this tournament as they like to do so. Los Ticos, who lost to Serbia in the first match was also defeated by England and Belgium with several big margins in the pre-World Cup friendlies. And so to survive in the last 16, The Costa Ricans want to have at least 1 point from this match against Brazil.

However, Costa Rica’s statistics against Brazil is not predicting the best. In their previous 10 meetings, Costa Rica has seen the face of victory only once in the way back in 1960. But Costa Rica is also dreaming to make an upset with the motivation from the extraordinary performance of the Swiss. Switzerland pressed the Brazilian midfielders to earn that very important draw. Costa Rica team captain Bryan Ruiz said, “Switzerland pressed them in midfield and that’s what you need to do because everybody knows that Brazil is best from midfield going forward,”

“We need to win the ball back quickly and counter-attack quickly.”


Meanwhile, the price of the betting is not talking for the Costa Ricans as well. Brazil’s win rate is 1.22. On the contrary, the victory rate for Costa Rica is 19.00. Did you get how difficult it is for Costa Rica to earn points in this match? But nothing is impossible.


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