World Cup 2018: England vs Sweden Match Preview

For a spot in the last 4 of the FIFA World Cup 2018, England will take on Sweden at Samana Arena on Saturday. After a long time that two teams will face each other for a spot in the last 4. England supporters believe that the 52 years of dreams will come into a reality. But obdurate Sweden has the habit of upsetting England in the previous competitive meeting. Till now both teams face each other 8 times. England is able to defeat Sweden for one time. Sweden gains their place in the quarter-final by defeating Switzerland in a 1-0 goal match. And all the credits of this win goes to Emil Forsberg. Sweden is able to keep 3 clean sheets in four games, with Germany being the only site to Breach Robin Olsen’s net.

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Sweden ended their group, as a group champion and have continued their good form into the knockout stage too, where they will be out to end the English dream.

After beating Columbia in 4-3 goal penalty shootout in a knockout round. England has regained a high confidence and self-belief that they can continue on in the tournament. This kind of self-belief and confidence has never been seen in their previous team before. If they could maintain this confidence and believe then they can achieve their dream.


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The frenzy continues to be fuelled in the streets of England and on social media, on the other hand, Harry Kane and Co things that they are within a touching distance of making it a reality. Win against Colombia gives England an extra confidence. They also want to get rid of their mistakes which they make in the knockout round with Columbia. England Defender Johnston said that it’s been a long time sins England last won. We want to make our people proud back home.

England had the last opportunity to hold the world cup trophy as a champion in the 1966 World Cup. From then till now England is not given a reason to their fans to cheer about. They have already owned a public disaffected buy an embarrassing defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016 and an early exit in Brazil four years ago.

23.6 million people watched their penalty shootout with Colombo in the knockout round, which is bigger than may’s Royal wedding audience. This proves that England is gathering more supporters from their country and also from the whole world. England’s player appreciating the effort of their fans and support of their fans. Manchester City’s player Said, it’s good to see thousands of people are supporting us back home. The video of people watching England’s game from England pub. restaurants give England team an extra push and energy to play their best in the quarter-final. After finishing the knockout round in 4 days back, England had the little chance to regain their energy for the quarter-final. On the other side some of England’s, players have already made their semifinal game plan against Croatia or Russia.

Sweden won the spot in the main game of World Cup 2018, Russia by eliminating the Netherlands and Italy in qualifying round. They also achieve their position in the knockout round by eliminating Mighty Germany. And kept their dream alive to the final of 2018 Russia World Cup. England has struggled to create a chance from open play with 7 of the nine goals so far coming from a set- pieces, and penalties.

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“Normally The Other teams have a better player on paper and we let them have the ball in the places we want them to have the Ball,” said Sweden captain Andreas Granqvist. He also said that if you look at the games we have played, of course, you will find that the opponent has more ball position, but we have created more dangerous chances. This is how we play… this is our way to have success.

Sweden is good on the counter-attack. And England knows that. So they have to set a strategy to beat that, and the 52 years waiting to an end.


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