World Cup 2018: Brazil Followed Argentina

In this FIFA world cup, Brazil started their mission with a tie. They tied with Switzerland by 1-1. At first, they were in the leading position. Brazil’s Barca superstar Coutinho scored the first goal to lead Brazil 1-0. The Swiss goalkeeper was also astonished as he couldn’t have anything to do with that shot.

Brazil Followed Argentina
Source: Sportskeeda

But Coutinho’s this goal couldn’t save Brazil to win this match. The five-time champions failed to sparkle in spite of Coutinho’s goal. In the second half, Swiss player Zuber scored in the 50th minute and made the scores level.

If we look at the match facts, we can surely tell how both teams dominated the match. Brazil went to attack for 20 times where Switzerland went only 6 times. Brazil’s shots were on target only for 9 times whereas Swiss had 4 on target shots. Brazil defended Swiss attack 7 times. But Swiss was not successful as Brazil was. Both teams got corners. Brazil got 7 corners and Swiss got 2.

It will be clear if we take a look at the balls possessions. The ratio was 52% (Brazil) – 48% (Swiss). Brazil also did 87% right passes. Switzerland is a little bit away in this arena. They did 82% right passes. Though Mexico stole the limelight yesterday, Switzerland exceeded our all expectations.

brazil vs switzerland goal

The shocking news was the Brazilian superstar Neymar was fouled for 10 times. This is the first time in a World cup match that a player has been fouled for 10 times. Switzerland coach Vladimir Petkovic said, “Of course, neutralizing Neymar was a key ingredient of our game. I am proud of their determination. The first 40 minutes were tough for us, and at halftime, I told the players to stay cool and press forward. They did, and it worked.”

So, as per his saying it is clear that fouling Neymar 10 times was not coincident. It was pre-planned. It was part of their game strategy.

However, only the result will talk. Football fans can’t give any kind of excuses as it was officially a tied match. Brazil had to be satisfied with their sharing point.

brazil vs switzerland
Source: The New York Times

It is remarkable in this world cup that the big fishes couldn’t start their mission as the fans expected. Brazil, Spain, Argentina started their first match with a draw where Germany losing the match.

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