World Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in Tears

After a lot of equations and expectations, we have our first quarter-finalist of 2018 world cup. After four decades, France has just taken a sweet revenge. They have knocked Argentina out of the tournament after a 4-3 win in Kazan.

World Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in Tears
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The excitement started with the peep of the referee. In just 3 minutes, Messi went down in midfield and Mascherano and the referee exchanged some words with each other. It’s like “we are not going to let a single chance to miss from us.” The referee gave a free-kick to Argentina but nothing special happened.

Then in 5 minutes, France attacked. It is noted that in today’s match France played in 4-2-3-1 formation and Argentina in the 4-3-3 formation. Then Argentina also counterattacked.

Moments later in the 7th minute, Mbappe took the ball with speed towards Argentine D-box from the middle of Argentina’s half. But he was stopped by Mascherano with a slide and he went down. Without any delay, the referee blew the whistle for a free-kick.

World Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in Tears
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It seemed to Pogba was going to take the free-kick. But it was not. Griezmann smartly winded up the ball and unfortunately, it bounced back against the woodwork. But we have to praise his extraordinary effort.

Then again Mbappe picked up the loose ball and speeded towards Argentine penalty box. Alas! Marcos Rojo fouled him just in the penalty box. It was a clear foul and the Iranian referee had no doubt. The penalty was given to France. At last, the golden opportunity came.

Griezmann came to take the penalty. He was waiting when Armani dives. A clever shot by Griezmann and France went ahead of Argentina by 1-0.

Oh! Argentine players perhaps made a vow to foul near the penalty box. Once again in 19th minute, Tagliafico tripped Mbappe just a little bit away from the area. This time yellow card was shown and Pogba took the free-kick. But Argentina survived once more.

World Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in Tears
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Argentina also did some counter attacks. But most of them were not on target or some were tackled by the defenders. This didn’t hold out for a long time. In the 41st minute, Di Maria winded up the ball into the top corner of Lloris’s left. Lloris couldn’t save it. The distance of this goal was 30.2 yards. This is the longest-range goal scored in this world cup. Then both teams went for half-time with 1-1.

Argentina started the second half under their control which helped them to get the second goal of the match. It was a bit of luck for Argentina. Because when Messi took the shot from the right side, it was about to go straight to the goalkeeper’s hand. It hit Mercado’s left foot unintentionally and the goalkeeper had nothing to do. But it was a goal! This happened in the 48th minute.

The next journey was not so cool for Argentina. Because France returned in the match in 57th minute. France hunted down from the left side. A cross was done and the ball came to Pavard. Then perhaps the fans have witnessed the most spectacular goals in this tournament. This was an art by genius. Maybe he has reinvented the volley.

World Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in Tears
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The next story is really cruel to Argentina. Because the 19-year-old boy alone destroyed the Argentine coastal area. He came like a storm and scored 2 goals. He is the youngest player to score twice in one match of this world cup.

Hernandez crossed the ball from the left side. Matuidi took a shot and it rebounded to Mbappe. Then Mbappe smartly took the ball just ahead of the Argentine defenders. After that, he took a shot with his left foot and he scored his first goal. Then again in 68 minutes, Matuidi passed the ball to Giroud. Giroud selflessly passed the ball again to Mbappe. What can you expect? Another goal? Yes, Mbappe scored for the second time.

If we give you a statistic of Mbappe for playing France you can easily imagine how he contributed in each match though many of you hadn’t many thoughts while you were busy with Messi, Ronaldo or someone else.

KylianMbappe with France:

Matches    Goals      Assists

19                   7              5

World Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in TearsWorld Cup 2018: 19-Year-Old Boy Sends Argentina Back Home in Tears
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Moreover, in those 19 matches, France won 12 matches, drawn 4 matches and lost the other 3 matches. Aren’t these enough to judge a 19 year-old-boy.

Argentina had so many superstars. Obviously, Aguero, Di Maria are big names. Honestly speaking, it’s the most unbalanced squad that we have ever seen. But without Messi, they wouldn’t have come to this stage. Messi alone can’t score. Because whenever he gets the ball, 3-4 players always try to bring him down.

If someone needs to be questioned it should be Sampaoli. What do you think about him? Let us know.

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