What did the ‘MP Candidate’ Mashrafe said in Press Conference

In fact, today’s press conference was ‘MP candidate ‘ Mashrafe Bin Mutoza’s press conference. Because the Bangladesh-West Indies ODI series will begin on 9 December, and the official press conference of that series will be held on 8 December. And Mashrafe didn’t want to answer any questions about his newly started political career, that’s why he arranged such conference today.

What did the 'MP Candidate' Mashrafe said in Press Conference
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Mashrafe’s press conference was held in the temporary police control room in Mirpur. Mashrafe has faced the media for so many occasions after losing games, but it was absolutely a new experience for him. Yet he tried to answer so many unexpectedly questions.

From the very beginning of Mashrafe’s involvement in active politics, there has been a question on people’s mind, why did Mashrafe come to politics? Though he tried to explain that on his official Facebook page.

Here he answered once again, “My career is at the end. Neither I am Sachin Tendulkar nor Glenn McGrath that people will remember me. I played cricket as I did. I have developed a struggling career as I did. We’ve always enjoyed doing something for the people. It was my childhood hobby. Honourable Prime Minister gave me the opportunity. This will help me to do something can for a larger range, I come to politics with this thought.”

Bangladesh’s World Cup campaign will start in June, before that here is his probable last home ODI series against the West Indies. Later Tigers has a New Zealand tour in February. As a reply of a question like, whether his politics will affect team’s cricket at the moment, Mash said, “Not from my side, neither from my mental point of views, because I am not there (the constituency) yet completely involved. My full concentration is in practice. I will go there after the 14th of December (at the end of the series). Only after 14th December, I will give my full attention on there. “

Later, he added, ” Election has nothing to do with this series. This series is the same as any other series I played previously. I do not have any expectations for the beginning and the end of my career. Obviously, we want to win the series and we are taking this series as any other series. “

His silence during the ‘quota reforms’ movement’ and ‘road safety’ movement was also questioned. In response to such unpleasant questions, he said, “I have never done such a deep politics, I do not know how to do so, do not understand that as well. My purpose is very simple, all I want to get some peace for the people. If you think of me as a deep politician while I have not yet been in that stage, it will be an injustice with me. My experience is completely new, Yes, I said, I would certainly like to do good work. You can judge me then. ‘


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What did the 'MP Candidate' Mashrafe said in Press Conference
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After a question about his political philosophy to the young people of Bangladesh, he said, ‘See, I did not come to offer dreams. I do not want to say conventional words. I do not want to say anything that may or may not match you tomorrow. It seems to me that I have that opportunity. “

” Right now there is no scope to think that I have been elected. If the opportunity comes after the election, if you can remember what I have said earlier and what I did, then review the works, then ask questions. Now it’s hard to say. “

And why will people vote for him as a candidate, and why is he better than the opponent? Responding to this question, Mashrafe said, ‘I did not say for once that I am better than him (opponent in the election).’

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Also, Mashrafe, a candidate for ‘MP’, answered many more questions about his new political career. However, it is difficult to make sure that he will not face any new questions about his dual role.

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