US Open 2018: Starting Calculation of year’s Last Grand Slam

US Open, the last Grand Slam of the Year, has made its way to the court. This year’s Grand Slam calculation is coming to an end with New York’s Flushing Meadows Grand Slam.

This US Open is the only Grand, where no one has been I want to be the champion without losing a single set. Only time can say that whether this record will survive or not. But apart from this record, there will be few new records, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic respectively won the other three Grand Slam titles Australian Open, French Open and the Wimbledon. So these three top stars of the current tennis are in the fresh mood for this tournament. That’s why these three are on the top of this year US Open favourite list.

US Open 2018: Starting Calculation of year's Last Grand Slam
Source: Tennis World USA

Many people are hoping that this year’s Flushing Meadow will present the classic finals of Nadal vs Federer. However, this is just the beginning of this tournament, so it’s really early to talk about the final. But watching this top-ranked pair in the final is a great blessing for tennis lovers all over the world.

However, this two has faced each other in the final for 9 occasions so far. Unfortunately, this pair did not face each other in the US Open final for once. But this tournament’s draw gives us that golden opportunity. If both of them continue to win, they will be seen in the final.

Whether they will be seen in the final or not before, both are very optimistic about their prospects for this particular tournament. Nadal desperately wants to defend his US Open, that’s why he didn’t take part in the recent Cincinnati Open. And Roger Federer is pretty optimistic to win the US Open title once again after 10 years.

But reaching the finals for Federer will not be an easy task. According to the draw, his possible opponent will be Australian Nick Kyrgios in the third round. If he can reach the quarter-finals, he has to face Novak Djokovic.

So Federer seems not so happy about it. He said, “Certainly, you would like to get an easy opponent rather than facing Novak Djokovic early.”

On the other hand, Carolyn Wozniacki, Simona Halep and Angelique Kerber have respectively won the women’s singles titles of Australian Open, French Open and the Wimbledon for this year. But Serena Williams is in the top of the favourite list of this year’s US Open. Actually, she is in front of a very unique record.

US Open 2018: Starting Calculation of year's Last Grand Slam
Source: Popsugar

This American Queen of Tennis, Serena Williams has become a mother less than a year ago. After giving birth of her child, she returned to the court already. Although she is playing well enough after managing the physical disturbances and new responsibility of motherhood. However, she could not reach her best position yet. She has to start the US Open by standing on 17th in the ranking. But that’s not a big deal while she is in front of her ‘Mission 24’

If Serena can win the title here, she will sit next to Margaret Court with 24 Grand Slam titles in the Grand Slam winner list. But it won’t be an easy-going for her to win the title. According to the draw of this tournament, after the first two rounds, she can be seen in the third round against her elder sister Venus Williams. In the fourth round, she has to face the top-pick Simona Halep.

However, she is not so worried about this. She said “I do not know what happened in the draw, which I know is that I must defeat these people to be the best of all. “

Apart from Serena, another American Sloane Stephens is also in the discussion. The last year’s US Open women’s singles champion is in number 3 in the rankings. Literally, she made it really hard for the French Open champion Simona Halep to won the title a few days earlier.

However, everyone knows that the calculated predictions and the on-field calculation during the game is totally different.

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