US Open 2018: Serena Williams will face her Fan Naomi Osaka in today’s final

When Serena Williams win his first Grand Slam Naomi Osaka was only 2 years old. Serena won the US Open at the age of 16. Serena was Osaka’s Ideal since her childhood.

Naomi has grown up after watching her game on television Since his childhood. From her childhood, Naomi dreamed that one day she will play the final of the Grand Slam against Serena. Osaka could not even think that it would be so much earlier. So for Osaka, it is a dream come true.

US Open 2018: Serena Williams will face her Fan Naomi Osaka in today's final

After winning against Medison kiss with a 6-2 6-4 game 20years old Osaka secured the final with Serena. I still think it is surreal. I have a had a dream since childhood that one day I will play the final of the Grand slam one day with Serena. The truth is that this is going to happen and I am very happy.

Japan’s new world tennis star wants to keep this till to the end of the final. And so that in the finals she wants to forget that who is her opponent. She said I also think I should enjoy this moment and should think of it is just another game. Serena is my favourite player and ideal also, but this would not impact my performance. I will try to play as an opponent against her.

US Open 2018: Serena Williams will face her Fan Naomi Osaka in today's final
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Serena won the US Open title for six times and played the final for nine times. On the other hand, Osaka is playing the grand slam final for the first time. And that’s why Serena is the favourite in today’s game.

Serena, who returned to tennis after being a mother, seemed to be overwhelming at first in this tournament. Serena Williams did not give any chance to Anesthesia in her last game. She beat Anesthesia in a 6-3, 6-0 set in 55 minutes just a few weeks ago. There was the lack of her performance in the practice session but she is able to overcome it. She is the favourite in the final cause she has come back to her rhythm.

Osaka can reverse claiming that Serena never beat Naomi. On the other hand, Naomi beat Serena in Miami Grand slam championship in the march in a 6-3 6-2 set. This happy memory will encourage her in today’s Grand Slam final.

If Serena wins her 24th grand slam today, she will touch the Margaret Court’s legacy. She will be the first women to win Grand slam after Kim Kleis.

US Open 2018: Serena Williams will face her Fan Naomi Osaka in today's final
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The right-handed 36 years old player began her career in 1995. Serena Williams, who has been in twenty-six in the ranking. Has played 795 games so far, has won 125 times and also won 172 titles, and 23 time Grand Slam winner. On the other hand, 20 years old Osaka started her journey in 2013. She ranked in 19, win 164 times so far and lost for 114 times. She has not been able to achieve Grand Slam titles yet

Despite all this, the reality has not been forgotten. The Serena Williams in Miami open and today’s Serena is different. After losing the match she said I was not in my best rhythm. But now she is back in rhythm. Osaka knows that Serena is the best and a good player. She doesn’t want to be surprised if she played good or bad in the final.


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