US Open 2018: Naomi won her Maiden Grand Slam by beating Her Idol in the Final

Naomi Osaka became the first Japanese to win a Grand Slam singles title on Saturday. As her idol, Serena Williams angrily included calling the chair umpire in the US Open final a “thief”.

US Open 2018: Naomi won her Maiden Grand Slam by beating Her Idol in the Final
Source: Yahoo Sports

20 years old Osaka Triumphed 6-2,6-4 in the match marred by Williams “second set outburst, the American enraged by umpire Carlos Ramos’s warning for receiving coaching from her box. When second Court violation for racquet abuse is was handed out to her along with a pint penalty Williams exploded. She tearfully accused him of being a thief and angrily demanded an apology from the officials.

Serena Williams is 23 times Grand Slam champion is the idol of Naomi Osaka. Naomi who grew up watching the 36-year-old Serena dreamed that one day she will face her idol in the US Open. Naomi touched her dream in 20. In the women’s singles final, Serena lost 6-2, 6-4 sets to open the new page in the history of tennis by the daughter of the country of cherry flowers.

The Japanese name is now written on that new page with a golden letter. before Naomi, no one from Japan could win the Grand Slam singles title. Naomi’s this achievement turned to Japan to a festival mode. A few days ago typhoon hit in Japan and bring the people in mourning mood. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe thanking Osaka on his Twitter account said “this is a motivation for Japanese people.

US Open 2018: Naomi won her Maiden Grand Slam by beating Her Idol in the Final
Source: Sporting News

Tetsuo Osaka Naomi’s grandfather lives in one of the typhoon-affected areas. Her grandfather enjoyed her game with her beloved wife in New York and seeing the history-making.

The Granddaughter of Tetsuo is a United States citizen by birth. Haitian father and Japanese mom lives in Florida. Naomi is a dual citizen of Japan and the United States. She studied in the tennis at Harold Salman institute, She gradually growing up as a tennis player. After winning wales, this year’s grand slams is the event that she will never forget. Many people will win the grand slam after Naomi but the first win will be reminded as credible.

Japan’s most popular news media publish a special edition in the honour of Naomi. And dedicated it to Naomi. Japan’s tennis fan’s are enjoying Naomi’s achievement. She was in a little bit trouble in front of Japanese media.

But the problem was not new to her. Because of growing up in the United States Naomi could not speaker comfortably in the Japanese language. So when she could not answer anything in Japanese then she speaks it in English. Japanese people have seen this weakness of Naomi in a positive way.

A Naomi fan said on Twitter that “it doesn’t matter where was she born, what is the colour of her skin, or what language she speaks Japan is proud of you.”

US Open 2018: Naomi won her Maiden Grand Slam by beating Her Idol in the Final
Source: WTA

After Li-na from China, Osaka is the second Asian who won the grand slam. Even after coming to the professional tennis only 5 years ago. Naomi played her first grand slam in Australia two years back. After defeating Sharapova, polish nova, salp in Indiana Wales she beat Serena the very next week.

Naomi herself did not know that she could win the match. So that from being exited with that win she controlled her excitement. Though the argument with chair umpire ruined the beauty of the match.

However, the Queen of tennis congratulates Naomi on her win. She said that Naomi played well this is the first Grand Slam for Naomi let’s make it memorable for her

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