Uruguay’s Costly Error Helps France to Reach Semi-Final

Once again France has reached to the semi-final after 12 years and this is their 6th-time world cup semi-finals in their history. It’s been a matter of joy for French fans now who have selflessly supported their team and in response, the team gave them a sweet result.

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It was said before the match that Uruguay has the best defensive line and France has the strongest forward line. It doesn’t really matter what they have. The performance always matters.

Uruguay almost had their first goal. In the 4th minute of the match, “Laxalt crosses the ball from the left flank into the penalty area where Christin Stuani missed an opportunity. But Nadez gets the ball. It was a panic moment for France. But Raphael Varane cleared the ball quickly and saved France for that moment.”

In the 14th minute, Uruguay got their first corner. With that corner, the ball came to the France penalty area and Hugo Lloris did a low diving punch to clear the ball.

After 2 minutes of the corner, France attacked. That could have been a goal if Mbappe didn’t go for the headshot. He could have slowed it down and then took a shot which would be more effective for France.

Most of the time in the first-half, France struggled a lot to break through. Every time France struggled in the box because of the Uruguayan solid defense.

The Success Came in the 40th Minute of the Match:

France got a free-kick just near the D-box. Griezmann was behind that free-kick. Raphael Varane took the lead for France with his headshot. This was exactly needed for France.

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Uruguay Was Missing Cavani:

Uruguay also got a chance to come back to the match just before the first-half. Uruguay won another free-kick. Free-kick was taken and the ball was in the air. Martin tried his best to net it to the right bottom corner. But Lloris’s incredible save just saved France. But the ball again rebound to Stuani and he missed to score from such a close range. But the credit goes to Lloris. If he didn’t act smartly that could be a goal for Uruguay. Surely, Cavani was missed badly.

Source: ESPN

After the break, France continued to dominate. Griezmann’s long range-shot in 61 minutes, was not too much difficult for Muslera to stop. But it slipped from his hand and Griezmann took another lead. Uruguay’s this small but costly error shattered their dream to play in the semi-final. Uruguay last played the semi-final in 2010 world cup.

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To be fair, to criticize France’s performance to the semi-final journey, it was not peak level of professional football despite the talent they possess in this world cup. But they are in the semi-final of the world cup which is impressive. France could have scored more. Do you agree that they were not that level impressive which they should be?

Let’s see if France can go to the final or not.





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