UEFA Nations league: Poland vs Portugal match preview

Portugal team went to Poland on Thursday evening without the Cristiano Ronaldo for the second win of the UEFA Nations league. Euro Cup Champions won a match against Italy last month without Ronaldo.

UEFA Nations league: Poland vs Portugal match preview
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In the past, the Portugal team was more dependent on Juventus forward. But their victory with Italy said that Portugal team is able to win without the 33-year-old Ronaldo.

Poland 0-0-1 has already played a tough match against Italy at the inaugural event of the UEFA Nations League. The played very actively in the first half of the game and in 40 minutes of the game, Zielinski took the lead in the game. Italy, on the other hand, becomes quite active in the second half and as a result, they were able to Level the score at the 78 minutes of the game.

The game ended up in the draw and the two teams shared the points. Then they participated in an international friendly match with Ireland and in that match, they also completed 1-1 draw. But in that came then managed to play several reserves and in the last half of the match, they were able to score the equalizer. And by which they have remained unbeaten.

On the other hand, Portugal 1-0-0 played a very good game in their home match against Italy one month ago. They played a very organized and we’ll match against Italy. But in the first half, the two teams got the opportunity to score several goals. But in spite of that, no one was able to score a goal in the 45 minutes of the game. The only goal was scored by Portugal’s player Andre Silva in the 48 minutes of the game. Throughout the game, the two teams showed their capability but in the end, that did not make any change in the game’s result.

It is worth mentioning that Portugal played without Cristiano Ronaldo and many other star players. They were able to draw by 1-1 against the world cup finalist Croatia on the home ground. They were able to show good perfection in that game but despite that, they did not get match goal from the match. Portugal got the opportunity to score just three goals in the game. So far Portugal is ahead by 3 points in the group if they are able to draw in the next time they will still be ahead of all.

Portugal and Poland they meet each other last time in the Euro Cup quarter-finals in late 2016. In the quarter-final, they made a 1-1 draw in the main game but later Portugal on the penalty shootout reached the Euro Cup final in 2016 and became the champion.

UEFA Nations league: Poland vs Portugal match preview
Image Source: The Independent

So the equation for Portugal and Poland in the coming days is roughly equal for both sides. The two teams have won three matches so far while they have drawn in for matches. on the other hand, Poland is slightly ahead of them them2-1-3.

Portugal’s coach did not call Cristiano Ronaldo who is having some legal problem at this time. But Portugal showed that they play just as good without him. Coach Santosh will play his usual defensive style. So there is a good chance we will not see a lot of goals there. They do need to contain Lewandowski though, who is a world class striker.

Portugal Predicted Team Rui Patricio; Cancelo, Pepe, Dias, Rui; Pizzi, Neves, Sanches; Bernardo Silva, Andre Silva, Gelson Martins

Poland Predicted Team Szczesny; Bereszynski, Glik, Bednarek, Reca; Blaszczykowski, Linetty, Krychowiak, Kurzawa; Zielinski; Lewandowski

Betting Odds

Portugal: 2.60

Poland: 2.80

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