UEFA Champions League Round Of Sixteen At a Glance- 2017/18

At last, the round of sixteen of UEFA champions league 17/18 has come to the end. The number of teams reduced to 8 from 32. How were the matches of round of sixteen this time? Let’s take a look back to this memorable chapter.

UEFA champions league last 16!
UEFA last 16! Source: UEFA

PSG was the main attraction of this season. Khelaifi fitted the badge of “strong team” beside his team after spending a huge amount of money. There were a lot of star players in the squad like Neymar, Cavani, Mbappe, Veretti. But after conceding 5 goals against Real Madrid, they had realized that experience and team combination are the main factors than any other things in UCL. Better like next time PSG!

Though 5 teams of English premier league were qualified for the round of 16th, they also couldn’t manage to make any kind of benefit in this round. Only two teams have seen the face of the quarter-final, one is Pep Guardiola’s Mancity and other is Klopp’s Liverpool! Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham got eliminated.

Surprising everyone Spanish club Sevilla got the ticket of the quarter-final in this champions league. Keeping goalless draw at the home match and defeating Man U by 2-1 at their home ground Sevilla qualified for the next round. Hope the special one coach Mourinho will now understand that using bus park tactics he can’t survive at the race of big titles.

But besides these, all the Barca-Chelsea match was the hot topic of the round of sixteen. Controversial history, the fire of revenge and a black chapter! Having all these, the football lovers were excited to watch a thrilling match. And no team had disappointed the spectators. Two teams had played neck and neck if we keep Messi aside! But Barca has a Messi, who know how to turn the game and win it. looks like Messi was mentally prepared to take revenge of losing at 2012 and reply the criticism of being goalless against Chelsea. That’s why this time he took the whole Barca to the quarter-final scoring 3 goals and also assisting one. After two legs the result was 4-1.

On the other hand, the journey to the quarters was quite easy for Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City. In the high voltage matches, old lady Juventus beat Tottenham by 4-3 and FC Roma beat Shakhtar by 2-2 (Away goal) and keep themselves alive in the race of the title.

Today at 5 o’clock the draw of quarter-final will be held. Ten2 will broadcast this event live. This time a lot of team are competing strongly for the UCL trophy. So, it will be hard for the football fans to guess the name of the champion. Now it’s time to wait to wait for the quarter-final. Like me, all the football addicts may be waiting to witness a football chapter full of excitement!

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