UEFA Champions League: Real Wins over Bayern’s Fortress in a Weird Match

Tell me, what do you usually expect from this kind of high voltage match? You don’t need to be a Real Madrid or Bayern Munich fan to answer that, all you need to is love football.

I don’t know which side you were in last night, but in my opinion, last night’s game couldn’t satisfy my football thirsty eyes. Don’t get me wrong. The result didn’t bother me at all, but chaotic displays from both sides did. I am not exaggerating at all.

UEFA Champions League

If you can’t believe my words then let’s have a deep look at how things went on the field for last night.

German giant Bayern can blame injury issues for their lacklustre display. In that case, their complaint can’t be denied. They lost three big names during the match due to injury issues. First, it was Arjen Robben. He sat down on the pitch with an apparent muscle problem.

It happened when the match was just in the 6th minute. Then Thiago Alcantara came on to replace the Dutchman. Jerome Boateng took his slow walk to the tunnel after picking up a groin injury in the 34th minute. Things got worse when Jupp Heynckes limped off Javi Martinez in the second half because of a concussion.

Bavarian Football Works
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But what about Levandowski’s poor performance throughout the game? He just missed every opportunity he had. Ribery tried so hard to break the chaos in Real’s box, but his shots couldn’t find the way to the net. in this particular day, their midfield was poor too. They miss passed the ball on a regular basis.

Despite those horrible moments, Joshua Kimmich gives Bayern 1-0 lead at the 38th minute of the game. He ran into the post with the ball from the right side while Ribery was waiting for his cross in an empty space at the right. Instead of crossing the ball, he struck a thunder into Real’s net and took the lead.

ribery vs real madrid
Source: SB Nation

But it didn’t stand for too long, while Marcelo scored from a rolling shot outside of the box. Actually, the ball was cross to Ronaldo, who tried a bicycle kick which was not there, then the ball went to Marcelo in a chaotic situation. Marcelo’s strike was able to level the scoreline before halftime.

In the second half, Zidane introduced Asensio in Bale’s place. More interestingly, in the 56th min, Asensio’s first touch to the ball went into Bayern’s net and Real took the lead of 2-1. That goal was a result of a horrible mistake from Bayern defence. Defenders forgot to mark Asensio during a counter-attack when the ball came to him, he only had to clear the keeper ahead of him. That wasn’t a tough ask from Madrid’s future star.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Source: Mr Ovie Blog

Though Real Madrid won the game and step one foot to their 3rd final in a row, they were far below by their actual standard. Besides missing some simplest chances, Ronaldo claimed a goal which was clearly received by his left arm. Their midfield was also promiscuous throughout the match. Perhaps, this sort football display affected the crowd as well. The as usual electrifying crowd of Allianz Arena was too emotionless on this particular day.

However, at the end of the day, everyone will remember Real won the first leg and took an advantage towards their third consecutive CL final, no matter how wired the game was. But, at least we hope for a better show from this two in the second leg.

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