UEFA Champions League: Quarter-Final Ended Up with Melodramatic Roman Fairytale and Ronaldo’s Controversial Penalty

The UEFA Champions League war Quarter Final has ended. The way it ends, it deserves to be said a war. Barca’s farewell by a miraculously turn around by Roma and gifted penalty by the referee for Real, all were a part of that melodramatic battle.

UEFA Champions League Quarter Final
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Let’s move into the dramatic scenes of those battle.

Roma vs Barcelona: 3-0 (4-4)

Roma vs Barcelona
Source: Goal.com

Catalans went to Rome with halfway done through the semi. But the other half of the way would give them that type of surprise, that was not even thought of nightmares by Catalan supporters. Who would have thought that the only digested goal from the first leg win would turn to cancer?

The start of Roman fairytale was started in just 6 minutes with Edin Zeko’s intelligent finishing. In the 58th minute, Pique’s illegal tackle penalty was transformed into a goal by the first leg’s own goal scorer De Rossi. And the fairytale ends with a header from Manolas in the 82nd min. Both the teams are equal in the aggregate, but their Roma qualified themselves for the semi with their away goal from the first leg.

Real Madrid vs. Juventus: 1-3 (4-3)

Real Madrid vs. Juventus
Source: Sports Illustrated

Another Italian ballad could have been written in the night of Real-Juventus 2nd leg match at Bernabeu. But 15 seconds before the match, the referee’s controversial penalty poured water on those possibilities.

Juventus started flying on the Real’s ground just in the 2nd minute of the match by Mario Mandzukic. The second goal also came from the head of the Mandzukic. When Matuidi scored the third goal for Juventus in 60 minutes, the Spanish spectators of Barnabeu were shocked by the fear of another Italian epic.

In the rest of the period, Real, who was being held for the goal, was giving frustration only to their fans. But just 15 seconds before the last minute of the game, while Juventus defender Medi Benetia tried to clear the ball from the back of Real’s midfielder Lucas Vasquez, the referee’s whistle for the penalty was blown. Buffon sent off by a straight red card by the referee for his raging protest in that penalty issue. Ronaldo, who scored a beauty in the first leg, scored the penalty and put an end to the possibility of another Italian epic.

Man City v Liverpool: 1-2 (1-5)

Man City v Liverpool
Source: Zimbio

Liverpool’s road to semi was almost completed by thrashing City in the previous leg by a 3-0 win at Anfield. But Citizens were indicating something really interesting from the 2 minutes of the match with G. Jesus goal. But City couldn’t carry on their dominating performance in the 2nd half, while the first half was well controlled by the. In the 56th and 77th of the match, Salah and Ferdinando scored and they pull the league champions out of the Champions League with some sort of insults as well.

Bayern Munich vs Sevilla: 0-0 (2-1)

Bayern Munich vs Sevilla
Source: CBS Sports

Bayern went through the semi with the scorecard from the first leg. In fact, dictator Bayern of Bundesliga was also missing at their home ground in this second leg match. Bayern couldn’t able to score from their counter-attacks, so they maintained the defence quite well throughout the game. And Sevilla’s attacks were unable to find the net of opposition as well. So the last minute red card of J Correa from Sevilla was the biggest event in this uneventful match of Champions League.

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