UEFA Champions League: Barca and Liverpool Made Their First Step to the Semi, so does Real and Bayern

After the first leg of UEFA Champions League quarter-final, four teams are clearly one step ahead of other four. Winner of each match got their predetermined victory, except Man city. City lost to Liverpool. On the contrary Real and Bayern went home with a splendid away win. So did Barca at home.

UEFA Champions League trophy
Source: UEFA.com

Let’s scroll down to have a 360-degree view of each match from the first leg of UEFA Champions League quarter-final.

Juventus vs Real Madrid:

Cristiano Ronaldo flying kick
Source: Radio Nawa

Two finalists from last year’s Champions league final meet each other for the first time after that final. Everyone knows that Juventus has defeated by Real at their home by a convincing 3-0 scoreline. In fact, that scoreline can’t tell you the sensational story of that night. What was not there to amaze the spectators of that match?

Real made their first mark in the scoresheet just in 3rd minute with a brilliant flick from Ronaldo. After that, Juventus tried their best to find the equalizer. But in the 67th min, suddenly CR7 ascended to an invisible upside down ‘bicycle’ in front of Juventus post and scored a beauty. Actually, the word ‘beauty’ is not enough to describe that astonishing goal. We will talk more about that on another occasion.

Rest of the match was a story of assiduous trying of Juventus to get back in the match. In between their consistent attacks, Marcelo strikes the third one for his side in the 72nd min and this 3-0 scoreboard remains same for the rest of the match.

Sevilla vs Bayern Munich:

Source: Channel NewsAsia

This is the match, where every goal was scored by the players of the same time and the full-time scorecard was 2-1. More interestingly, those goals were scored by the losing team. Don’t get confused, let me explain.

In the 32nd minute of the match, Savilla got their lead at home by Pablo Sarabia. The next goal was an equalizing shot from Frank Ribery but in a midway, it got heavy deflections from Sevilla midfielder Jesus Nava. The score sheet will tell you that Bayern’s second and match-winning goal was scored by Thiago Alcantara, but without the feather touch deflection from one of Sevilla defender, it would have been easy save for the keeper.

Roma vs Barcelona:

Source: FC Barcelona

Roma doesn’t have very good memories with Barca in the recent past. They had another forgettable night against Barca in the last night too. Barca fans were confused about Messi, whether he will play or not. By putting an end to that confusion, he was in the field with the starting XI. Though he couldn’t make a mark on the score sheet.

In this match, losing side scored the maximum number of goals too. Maiden two goals were gifts for Barca from Roma defender De Rossi and Kostas Manolas. Pique scored the third goal in 59th min. And the last goal was scored by Suarez in 87th min. In between Barca’s goal party, Roma had their consolatory away goal by Edin Dzeko in the 80th min.

Liverpool vs Man City:

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In this all English quarterfinal match, Man City got outplayed by Liverpool’s magic wand Mohammad Salah. Literally, the match was finished within the 31 minutes of play, where Liverpool had their all three goals. First one was a flawless finishing from Salah in the 12th min, next one was a stunner from Alex Chamberlain in the 20th min. He strikes a half-volley from just outside of the box and keeper had no chance to react to it.

The last one was might be a clean header from Sadio Mane, but that was also a setter from Salah. Salah placed a clean cross to the second bar from inside, Mane all had to do was to make a good delicate contact with his head. He just did that and made the Anfield crowd extremely crazy.

Guardiola’s disciples, who were flying really high with their recent forms, just tried too hard for rest of the match. Although, they kept the maximum ball possession, but couldn’t find the opponent’s net. Maybe, they were not in their best mood for the last night.

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