The World Cup Is Going to Europe

To keep their position in the 2018 Russia world cup final France and Belgium will face each other in Saint Petersburg stadium surrounding with 64287 audiences on July 10th. France beat their opponent Uruguay 2-0 in the quarter-final and fixed their position into the semi-final.

On the other hand, Belgium eliminated Brazil by 21 goals from the quarter-final and earns their place into the last 4. After seeing the semi-final squad we can say that this year Europe is going to hold the FIFA World Cup trophy for next 4 years.

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France’s World Cup History:

In the first world cup in 1930, 4 teams from Europe participated in the main tournament, France was one of them. They have played 14 times in the FIFA World Cup. Among the many countries that have won the World Cup France is sixth.

France football team is a team that has won at least one world cup in the other 8 teams of the world. They achieved their first and only World Cup title in 1998. France was hosted that World Cup. They beat Brazil by 3-0 goal on that final to win the title.

They have again participated in the 1938 World Cup and were eliminated from the main tournament by the 1934 World Cup champion Italy.

In 2006 World Cup, France was defeated by Italy in final by 5-3 goal. They have also finished in third place on two occasions in 1958 and 1986 and in fourth once in 1982.

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Belgium’s History in World Cup Football:

Belgium has so far played 12th times in the main event of the FIFA World Cup. Like France, they were introduced in the 1930 FIFA World Cup. They finished their competition with 12th place. The inaugural FIFA world cup final was officiated by Belgian referee John Langenus.

The Netherlands is Belgium’s traditional rival. The two team has faced each other in about two times in the history of FIFA World Cup. With one win for Belgium in 1994 USA World Cup and one tie in 1998 France World Cup. Belgium and Russia have faced each other most in 5 times so far, in this meeting Belgium on 3 times and the Soviet Union on for 2 times.

From 1982 to 2002 Belgium has reached the qualifying round 6 times in World Cup Football. Spain is the only team who is able to break Belgium’s record with the 2018 World Cup. Spain has so far taken part in the main event of the FIFA World Cup 9 times.

On the other hand, the Belgian team has been able to play five times in the second round. the 5 times that Belgian got the opportunity to play in the second round was between 1930 and 1970. This was their first two goals against Germany in 1934 World Cup. The variables were dropped from the first round of the 1934 and 1938 World Cup. In the 1954 World Cup, they made a 4-4 draw with England and win their first world cup Trophy in 1970.

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The statistics of all major International matches said that France and Belgium have faced Each Other 73 times so far. In the meantime France has won 24 times, the match has been drawn for 19 times and France has been defeated for 30 times. That means history says Belgium has defeated France in more Times.

The team that defeated Brazil by4-4als in quarterfinal will go probably face France in the semi-final, where Naseer Charlie and Maroon Felani will be in the team. On the other hand in France camp, there is a possibility that the team that mostly played with Uruguay will face Belgium in the semi-finals.

On another semi-final match, England and Croatia will face each other. Now we have to wait till the final to see which European team is going to win the highest title in the field of football.

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