The Ball Tampering Scandal: Aussies, What Have You Done?

The Ball Tampering Scandal:

Right now, the only thing buzzing around the cricket world is Ball tempering. Though it’s not a new issue for the game of cricket, It has become the talk of the town for last few days. That enormous drama started on the 24th of March, 2nd session of the 3rd Test between South Africa and Australia.

ball tampering scandal of AU

Everybody knows that. But the fact is, this time it was done in quite a nasty way. The moment camera caught Bancroft hiding something in his undergarments, everybody doubted something was wrong.

After seeing this on the giant screen, umpire asked about the hidden stuff. But the young Aussie shows them a piece of crumb cloth for sunglass cleaning. Nevertheless, skeptical minds of all over the world immediately knew what was going on. That hidden stuff was nothing else but a DIY sandpaper made with tape and sand. Cameron Bancroft used it to efface one side of the ball to get the early reverse swing.

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Bancroft ball tampering
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After finishing third day’s play, Aussie Captain Steven Smith came to press alongside Bancroft. The Aussie captain confesses over that incident found on the camera. He said that in between the lunch break the captain and his associates decided to bring reverse swing into the play as soon as possible. So they used sand glued tape as sandpaper for tempering the ball. He also confessed that the idea was only from the senior players, coaching staffs didn’t know about it. Bancroft also pleads guilty for his part of executing the idea on the field.

ball tampering scene
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Match referee Andy Pycroft called for a trial on that issue. He fined the match fee and a one-match ban for Smith. Bancroft was fined 75 percent of his match fee with 3 demerit points. That punishment didn’t look enough to anyone around the world. Then the huge amount of castigation came upon on Aussie cricket from every here.

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Its hard to believe, how could they do this in front of numbers of cameras on the ground? How this type of silly ideas came to their mind? Didn’t they think for a second what’s going to happen if they get caught? I don’t think so that they had a Plan B on that question. But they should have thought thousand times before doing this. While you are performing for your country you are not allowed to do whatever you want.

In this level of cricket, everything on the field is done as per the decision of team management. Then how Smith and his companies didn’t mention the coaching staffs for that? Though head coach Darren Lehman proven not guilty till now, he can’t get away with this too easily. Smith replies they tried it for the very first time, while media was suspecting their dominating performance with the early reverse swing from the last two Tests. Was it really the first attempt by them on the ground?

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Let’s keep those questions up to the investigators. Cricket Australia is inquiring in their own way. CA is might be thinking of a long-term ban on Smith and Warner. Lehman can be taken off from his position of head coach. Whatever will happen to them is not really important to the greater interest of cricket. They left a horrible and vicious example for the rest of the world. They did not only denigrate their national image, they abase the sportsmanship spirit of cricket.

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