Tale of Tied Test matches in the history of Test Cricket (part-2)

I guess, you guys were eagerly waiting to read about the second ever tied Test match from the history of Test cricket. Who else would not do the exact while this case is so rare in the entire history of cricket?

This is the only stats which didn’t disturb the annalist too much to rewrite the history again and again. This time it happened between India and Australia, in the 1st Test of Australia’s tour of India.

Tale of Tied Test matches in the history of Test Cricket
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Here are the match summary and the thrill from the final over for you guys.

Second Tied Test

India Vs Australia, Madras (now Chennai) 1986

Toss- Australia

Australia 1st Innings 574/7 dec. (170.5 overs)

Dean Jones 210 Shivlal Yadav 4/142

India 1st Innings 397 all out (94.4 overs)

Kapil Dev 119 Greg Matthews 5/103

Australia 2nd innings 170/5 dec. (49 overs)

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David Boon 49 Mahinder Singh 3/60

India 2nd Innings 347 all out (86.5 overs)

Sunil Gavaskar 90 Ray Bright 5/94

Interestingly, mighty Aussies are involved in both the occasions of tied Test matches. Actually, no one had ever thought that India will go down to the field to chase the massive target of 348 on the last day. They didn’t only go for the chase, they almost made the history. All credit goes to Great Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri for their two excellent innings which was way ahead of their time.

At the start of last over from off-spinner Greg Matthews, India were 344/9, Ravi Shastri was at the striking end along with the last man Mahinder Singh at the other end. Let me remind you, ICC permanently established the rule of 6 balls per over till then. So India needed 4 to win from the final 6 delivery.

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Here’s the final over’s climax for you guys.

1st Ball-Clearly defended by Shastri for no run. So the equation remains the same.

2nd Ball– Shastri pushed the ball to the square-leg region and a slight fumble from fielder allowed him to take a double. Still, 2 needed from 4.

3rd Ball– Shastri pushed the ball to vacant mid-on area and ran a single to tie the score.

4th Ball– Last man Mahinder Singh somehow defends the ball for no run, though the ball almost went on flying to the short-leg fielder’s hand. Still, they needed 1 from last 2 deliveries

5th Ball– Mahinder Singh had to score a single run for an extraordinary win, at any cost. But he failed when the ball hits him high on his back leg and umpire raised his finger after a loud shout from Aussies. India’s extraordinary second innings came to a tragic end and resulted the only second ever tie Test match of the history.

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India couldn’t make the history, but ultimately the history was made by cricket with the second ever tied match in all the test matches have been played so far.

This is it. Both the story of tied Test games from the history of Test cricket has been covered by us. Hope you all enjoyed it a lot. We are going to publish another exciting story about those drawn games where both teams finished with a score-level position after the final delivery has been bowled. Till then keep us telling about your opinion in the comment box below.

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