Tale of Tied Teat matches in history of Test Cricket (part-1)

Literally, what comes to your mind first whenever you heard of Test cricket? Probably, your answer will be, “oh! That format of cricket which is plays for five consecutive days without any result.” Well, if you think like that then I can’t afford to deny your thought. While almost 66% of total #2302 Test matches have been drawn so far.

Tale of Tied Teat matches in history of Test Cricket
Source: ESPNcricinfo

But that particular stat can’t prove that Test cricket is unable to produce excitement. We have so many spectacular Test matches for over the years. Even, Test cricket has experienced few nail-biting tied and last-ball drawn on scores level games in its history so far. Though this stats contains only four matches, each of them is urging for a wider description.

Let us take you to an imaginary seat of the gallery to watch those nail-biting finishes.

First Tied Test

Australia Vs West Indies, Brisbane, 1960

Toss- West Indies

West Indies 1st innings 453 all out (100.5 overs)

Garry Sobers 132 Alan Davidson 5/135

Australia 1st Innings 505 all out (130.3 overs)

Norm O’Neill 181 West Hall 4/140

West Indies 2nd innings 284 all out (92.6 overs)

Frank Worrell 65 Alan Davidson 6/87

Australia 2nd Innings 232 all out (68.7 overs)

Alan Davidson 80 West Hall 5/63

At first let me tell you, Back then in Australia Test cricket was an 8-ball over game. So Aussies were 227/7 before the last over and needed 6 runs from remaining 8 balls. West Hall bowled the extremely dramatic last over for Windies. Here’s the scenario from that mind-blowing last over

1st Ball– Batsman Welly Grout took a leg-bye to give the strike back to Benaud.

2nd Ball– Benaud went for a wild hook shot, but got caught behind by the wicket-keeper Garry Alexander.

3rd Ball– New batsman Ian Meckiff placed it to mid-off for no run,

4th Ball– Meckiff wanted to take a bye from a rare wide ball but got run out at bowler’s end by Alexander, still needed 4 from 4.

5th Ball– Grout fended a bouncer to square-leg, bowler went for the catch on his follow through and fielder Rohan Kanhai was also waiting for the catch. But the catch was missed due to their horrible mix-up. Batsmen ran a quick single in between that event.

6th Ball– Meckiff swung desperately and the ball went to mid-wicket boundary. Before the fielder, Conrad Hunte cuts it off from boundary and threw it to keeper the batsmen successfully ran a double and went for the third. But the throw was flat and clean, Alexander did the rest to dislodge the bells and Grout couldn’t make it home for the third. Meanwhile, the score was leveled and Aussies needed 1 from last 2 balls with the last wicket in their hand.

7th Ball– The new batsman Lindsay Kline pushed the ball to square-leg and hurried for the winning run. Fielder Joe Solomon picked up the ball with one stump to aim. Then he hits a bull’s eye while Meckiff was few inches short of completing the winning run.

Aussies were all out for 232 and the match ended in the first tie in 84 years of Test Cricket history.

Well, stop your scrolling thumb for now. We will be back with the other extremely exciting tied test match of Test history. Till then, use the comment box to let us know how astonishing this one was.

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