Point Table of Europe’s Top Four Football Leagues in 2018

International Break is currently running in the football world. Players are far away from all types of league games. Only just e few days left to end this break. Then the matches of big teams of Europe will again take place. Although this season’s game is almost near the end, yet there are still many excitements left. How was the season of the leagues? Which team performed well? And so many things. So, today’s writing is all about this.

Point Table of La-Liga:

Table Points of La-Liga

La Liga, this football league of Spain is one of the Europe’s most popular leagues. For this year, football club Barcelona has taken a control over the La Liga title. Barca, who have been dominating since the beginning of the league, have not lost any league match yet.

After watching Neymar’s departure, coach change, and the lack of performance of the players, football lovers thought that it was the end of the Spanish giants. But the mastermind coach Valverde changed the whole picture of the team. He renovated the team, the players also adapt themselves to Valverde’s system.

The club President Bortomue has also strengthened his team by buying new players at winter transfer market. That’s why Messi-Iniesta, who holds 75 points at the end of the 29 rounds of the league and also holds the number one position very tightly.

Atletico Madrid is in second place in the league table. Atletico is battling with Barça with 64 points in 29 matches, depending upon the shoulder of Griezmann, Koke, and Saul. The defending champions, team Real Madrid are in a great difficulty of this season. The team is at number three on the table with 60 points in 29 matches.

Valencia has a position of number 4 as they are 1 point behind Real Madrid. This time the La Liga is all about Messi. This Barcelona superstar is topped by 25 goals and 12 assists. Besides, most of the Chances, most of the key passes have come from Messi’s legs. If the consistency of the performance is maintained, then this time the Ballon d’Or can be risen to Messi’s hands.

Point Table of EPL:

Table Points of

The English Premier League which is the most competitive league of all other leagues is also under the rule of one king. Pep Guardiola’s Man city reigns throughout the whole league. In the 30th round of the league with 81 points, the Guardiola’s army is looking to win the league very comfortably.

Manchester United and Liverpool are in 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Last year’s champion Chelsea is in 4th position. Scoring 28 goals the Egyptian Boy Mohammad Salah is holding the position of the top goal scorer. Man city’s Kevin de Bruyne is ahead in assisting. He assisted in 14 goals of his team.

Point Table of Bundesliga:

As always, the German league named Bundesliga is having the one-sided season so far. Bayern Munchen is at number 1 with 66 points in 27 matches. But the fight is going on for the second position. Because there is an only one-point difference between the 2nd positioned team Schalke 04 and the 3rd number team Borussia Dortmund.

Let’s see which the team can retain their position at the end of time. Bayern striker Lewandowski has scored the most goals in the Bundesliga. He has scored 23 goals so far.

Point Table of Serie A:

This year the most competitive league is Serie A league. Juventus is in the 1st place in the table with 75 points in 29 matches. But the team is not in the comfortable situation at all. Because Napoli is breathing on their neck with 73 points in equal matches.

It’s not possible for anyone to say who is going to be the champion. Although having the highest goal scorer and assist provider, Lazio is not in a good position in the table. The Italian Striker Immobile is the highest goal scorer. He scored 22 goals in this season.

Overall, most of the league champions can be judged easily, but the league matches were quite competitive. Very soon the battle for excellence will be seen in the field. All the football lovers will have to wait a bit longer for that.

It’s always easy to say but difficult to do.

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