Some Humiliated Low Scoring Innings In Cricket

The lowest score in an innings by a team is always embarrassing. No matter which country it is. Because a team represents a country in the world.

2 days ago, the world of cricket saw how England was all out for 58 runs. This is not the first time. This is the sixth-lowest score for England in Tests and lowest against New Zealand.

Low Scoring Innings In Cricket

They faced only 20.4 overs which is the eighth-least numbers of overs that a team has faced since 1950. They lost their first 9 wickets for 27 runs. Again, 5 players were being out without scoring a run.

Well, the ICC has a wealthy number of records in their history book. The interesting fact is New Zealand also has the lowest scores against England. This will always be the first of the humiliating scores until another team breaks the record.

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New Zealand was all out for 26 runs against England on 25 March in 1995. They faced 27 overs and this happened in the 3rd innings of the game.

In that match, Bert Sutcliffe was the only batsman for New Zealand in third innings to score more than 10+ runs. He just scored 11 runs.

The other scores were looking like a telephone number. It’s like 1011750000. Another interesting part of that match was that the match venue was the Eden Park, Auckland. England won the 2-match series 2-0.

What it can be said so! South Africa has kept the next 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position beside their name. Then the next position is for Australia.

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Australia’s lowest score is 36 and then 42. Interestingly, both the scores were against England. India also scored 42 against England at Lord’s.

West Indies scored 47 against England, Pakistan 49 against South Africa, Zimbabwe 54 against South Africa, and Sri Lanka 71 against Pakistan.

Luckily, Bangladesh is in the 44 no position of that history book. They scored 62 against Sri Lanka. In that match, only Rajin Saleh scored 21 runs and others couldn’t add any remarkable values to the team. 3 batsmen were dismissed for ducks.

KC Sangakkara scored a double century and Mohammad Ashraful scored a hundred in that match too.

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Here is a list of some lowest innings by a team so far.

Records of Lowest Innings Total


Dramatically, all the giants are in the same group. All of them have the bad records too. It’s just a statistic. No one can measure a team with this info.

If anyone looks at the current Bangladesh cricket team and their statistic, no one can imagine how Bangladesh have prospered a lot in the cricket.

So, it won’t be good to judge a cricket team if you are a true cricket lover. Anything can happen in this game. The world of cricket has witnessed so many “Upsets” till now.

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