SAFF U19 Women’s Championship Final: Bangladesh U-19 vs India U-19

SAFF Under 19 Women’s championship Final 2021 between Bangladesh U-19 and India U-19 was held today at Mostafa Kamal Stadium in Kamalapur and Bangladesh U-19 women’s team outplayed India by 1-0. Anai Mogini was the only scorer for the Bangladesh team. 

The South Asian Classico Final between these two teams started at 6 pm local time with thousands of fans which is rare to see in a women’s football match according to the Sport News BD correspondents in Dhaka. The Men’s team hardly gets spectaculars on some occasions though.

Bangladesh U-19 Women’s team, throughout the tournament, maintained the 4-4-2 formation and they have kept it in the final too. When a team has midfielders like Monica and Maria why wouldn’t they take the chances to play in this formation and of course, they were getting good results in the past. 

On the other hand, India also did maintain the 4-4-2 formation in this match.

Both the teams started with their attacking minds and whenever the ball was coming at the Bangladesh women’s possession the crowd was cheering the young players. Once again, the crowd proved themselves to be supportive if players can play a good game and show some results. 

The Bangladesh team was quite unlucky throughout the first half. They had almost scored goals in 13 and 25 minutes of the match but couldn’t convert these chances. 

In the 13th minute, the first chance was created for them as the opponent goalkeeper Anishka failed to grip the ball properly and Tohura took this advantage by forwarding the ball into the goalpost.

But unfortunately, the ball didn’t cross the line and it was stopped on the line. Luck came as a savior for India.

Again in the 25th minute, Bangladesh had the momentum to take the lead. They took a freekick and the ball was rebounded from the crossbar. Unlucky Bangladesh! The first half ended goallessly. 

India had their first chance created in the second half. Priyanka Devi’s cross wasn’t picked by Linda’s header properly and they missed their golden opportunity to take the lead. From here, India’s right-wing was pressuring the Bangladesh defense. 

Bangladesh once again was slowly trying to bag the momentum of the game for them and looking for opportunities. But the Indian defense couldn’t stop them for so long. 

Finally, in the 79th minute of the match, Anai Mogini’s long cross proved to be a dangerous one for India. Goalkeeper Anishka couldn’t judge the ball and it ended up into the net. And the Bangladeshi girls broke the deadlock.

Bangladesh has won the second title of SAFF Under 19 Women’s Championship. Shaheda Akter Ripa, with 5 goals became the top scorer of the tournament.

Total Matches: 11

Goals: 44

Top Scorer: Shaheda Akter Ripa

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