Russia World Cup 2018: FIFA’s Official Theme Song and Mixed Reactions of the Audience

For the last few competitions, World Cup theme song has become a hype for the fans. But this year’s theme song for Russia World Cup has to earn ambivalent feedbacks from its audience so far. FIFA has released the official track on Friday, which is titled “Live It Up” featuring American actor and rapper Will Smith. It’s more likely a fast-paced dance tune which contains a lot of Latin rhythm in it.

Live It Up
Source: YouTube

Some people asked on social media that, how this Latin-ish tuned rhythm will be fitted in with the tournament’s host nation Russia? And compared to Shakira’s WakaWaka theme song for 2010’s South Africa World Cup, most of them judged it way effortless than that.

The choice of performers is still confusing to the audience. American Will Smith is featured by Puerto Rico-born Reggaeton artists Nicky Jam and self-proclaimed “Albanian Kosovar” singer Era Istrefi. None of them belong to the host nation, not even from a competing nation of this year’s contest.

On the other hand, some people were well pleased by the energetic track. Specifically, they loved its affirming chorus “One life, live it up/‘Cos we got one life.” Many of them identify the track as “awesome”, and also appreciate its vibe to the World cup.

The trio will perform “Live It Up” in front of spectators before the World Cup final in Moscow on July 15.

Will Smith said in a statement “It’s an honor to be asked to perform at the 2018 FIFA World Cup,”

“Collaborating with Nicky, (producer) Diplo and Era on this track represent harmony, eclectic flavors and genres coming together. At the end of the day, we just want to see the world dance.”

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