Ronaldo got Trapped in an Old Rape Case and Sponsors are Seriously Worried

In the recent times, rape or sexual harassment controversies has become the most discussed and criticised topic for the media. Starting from the athlete to the politician, sex scandal controversies are spreading against all kinds of celebrities. Most recently, Cristiano Ronaldo’s name was added to that hot list.

Ronaldo got Trapped in an Old Rape Case and Sponsors are Seriously Worried
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Like all other celebrities, Ronaldo’s sexual harassment case is also a bit too old. Even It’s an old incident, but it’s serious as well. Because he has been directly accused of rape.

Allegations against Ronaldo is that he raped a model named Kathryn Mayorga in a hotel in Las Vegas, the USA in 2009. However, the German newspaper Der Spiegel has published the news last year.

Last month, Mayorga filed a fresh case in a district court in Nevada. Ronaldo has been claiming his innocence since that controversies become public. Supposedly, Ronaldo’s current club Juventus stand by this Portuguese superstar.

Juventus has tweeted from their official Twitter account, “Ronaldo has shown exceptional professionalism and dedication in the last few months, everyone from Juventus appreciates this. An allegation of 10-year-old incident can’t change this feeling of Juventus. Anyone who has come close to this great champion will agree with it “

After all these controversies, there is no doubt about Cristiano Ronaldo’s appearance against Udinese tonight. Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said, “There is no question about his professionalism at the field and beyond the field. He is ready to return to the field tomorrow.”

However, Ronaldo’s sponsors are not taking the case lightly. His biggest sponsor Nike told AFP their concern through a spokesman. They said, “We are very concerned about the uncomfortable allegation, we will monitor the situation closely.”

Of course, Nike, one of the United States’s leading Sporting Goods Producer, will monitor this pretty closely. Because Nike has a lifetime contract with Ronaldo. Apart from Ronaldo, in their entire history, Nike has a lifetime contract with only two legendary basketball legends, Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

Ronaldo got Trapped in an Old Rape Case and Sponsors are Seriously Worried
Image Source: WotzupNG

Not only Nike, Ronaldo’s another massive sponsor EA Sports, the creator of FIFA Video Game, is also worried about this incident. EA Sports said in a statement, “We are closely monitoring the situation because we want our star athletes and delegates to go in the way that goes with the EA’s values.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has not been named in the Portugal squad for the matches against Poland and Scotland. But it is not clear whether it happened with regarding this case. As such, Portugal coach Fernando Santos stood by his captain and said, ” Personally, I always support my players. I believe in what Ronaldo said in the statement. I know Christiano, and also believe that he will never do such crime. “

The court will decide that Ronaldo is guilty or not. But at this stage of the career, alleged with such an embarrassing and serious charge, surely, Ronaldo is not enjoying his times right now.

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