Rolando banned for ‘Blasphemous Remarks’ as the first player in Football History

Footballers have banned from football due to various immoral and controversial reasons. It’s nothing unusual for football since the early periods. By abusing the coach, biting the opponent’s player or even kicking the fans; Footballers have been banned for so many reasons.

But this is the first time that someone is banned in football history for ‘Blasphemous remarks’. And the name of this banned player is Rolando Mondragora. Udinese’s midfielder has been banned for a match at the Serie A.

Rolando banned for 'Blasphemous Remarks' as the first player in Football History

Rolando Mandragora is a midfielder who plays for Italian Serie A’s club Udinese. However, this midfielder outbursts few blasphemous remarks during a match against Sampdoria in Serie A.

Although, Rolando’s club Udinese won 1-0 in the match against Sampdoria. But during the match, Sampdoria’s goalkeeper saved a shot from Rolando. After that particular save, he got frustrated and emotionally uttered few despair words.

Actually, He shouts three words in the Italian language “Porca Madonna, Vaffanculo, Dio Cane”. The meaning of those words meant that an insult to the Virgin Mary and also referring to God as a dog.

Somehow, this was unnoticed by the match officials during the match. But after watching TV footage, they are convinced that he has made some serious Blasphemous remarks.

According to the Disciplinary Report of the Serie A, it was said that “After acquiring and examining the relevant television images, the player, while cursing without referring to anybody around him, was nevertheless clearly seen by the television images to make blasphemous remarks, visibly identifiable from reading his lips without any margin for reasonable doubt,”

This Rolando Mandragora was a member of the Italian giant Juventus two seasons ago. He won the Serie A and Italian Cup both for Juventus in 2017. In fact, before his contract with Udinese in this season, he played on loan for another Italian club Crotone. He also has one international cap for Italy as well.

But Rolando’s coach was not happy with this punishment at all. Udinese coach Daniele Prade said,“Mandragora is a good person, the most he deserved was a warning,”

Taking God’s name in vain in Italy is strictly banned. And it seems like that the Italian Football Association adhering to this act since 2010.

Rolando banned for 'Blasphemous Remarks' as the first player in Football History
Source: Juventus

Even before this one, former Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon was forced to apologize on the same complaint. Although Gigi claimed he did not do such things.

He said, “I apologise. If one day I will have the good fortune to meet God, he will be the one to decide whether to forgive me,”

Although, many countries in Europe have the blasphemy laws on the statute book. But no one has ever thought that such laws will be invoked against few emotional and frustrated words in the football field.

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