Once again, Messi is returning to the Argentine side

Lionel Messi is back in the Argentine jersey. And it is going to happen in the Copa America in Brazil in June next year. Although Messi himself has not yet officially said anything about this, the Spanish daily Marca has said so.

Once again, Messi is returning to the Argentine side
Image Source: beIN SPORTS

And the source of this discussion was held on Sunday in the Copa Libertadores final match at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu. There was no other star than the former Argentine star Carlos Tevez on the ground, but there was a star-fair in the gallery.

Lionel Messi, Gerard Pike, Jordi Alba, Arturo Vidal, Sergio Buskets, Georges Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci, Paolo Dybala, Antonio Griezmann, Diego Godin all were present at the Gallery and the Barnabu Stands was almost a gathering of present football stars. Argentina’s coach Leonel Scaloni and country’s Football Association (AFA) chief Claudio Tapia were also present in the crowds among the international stars.

After the match, these two big staffs of Argentine football met with Lionel Messi. However, it is not difficult to guess that the meeting was not a courtesy call at all. It is heard that the meeting was scheduled to have Messi’s final words for returning to Argentine jersey.

Although AFA chief Tapia didn’t clear anything about this meeting. He only tweeted before returning to Argentina that, ” leaving Madrid after last few days hard work and the end of Superclassic of Copa Libertadores final. Also discussed the next year’s plans for Argentine football with Scaloni and Messi. “

Talking about the matter, the Argentine newspapers said, these three had a meeting to make Messi for the National side. Messi ensured them about his returning as well.

Argentine superstar Messi decided to had a break from the national team since his team got knocked out by France from the second round of the Russia World Cup. Later on, he also requested the interim coach Scaloni to not include him in the national team. So far, Scaloni has kept Messi’s request. However, after Scaloni’s appointment as Argentine head coach, it was very important for him to know Messi’s thought towards the long-term plan of Argentine National side.

Once again, Messi is returning to the Argentine side
Image Source: Marca

And that’s why they told their meeting. Spanish Daily Marca claims that Messi will play in Copa America next year. Although Tapia and Scaloni wanted Messi in the side before that, Messi didn’t say anything about that right now.

No matter when Messi is going to put on the Argentine shirt again, but his adumbrate is still a massive thing for the Argentine supporters.

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