Once again, excitement between Sakib Al hasan and BCB

Actually, it’s almost impossible to keep Sakib Al hasan out of the talk while he is off the field as well. He has always been the poster boy of Bangladesh cricket. But this time it’s a different story.

Currently, Sakib is on a leave from Bangladesh team’s New Zealand tour for a parental issue for his new born baby boy.

Before he took off to USA after West Indies series, he took a leave from National side for upcoming Sri Lanka tour. Actually he had send a letter to BCB as an application for his leave, and the board agreed so.

However, a week ago, everything was okay with Sakib Al Hasan and BCB. In fact, Sakib’s new born baby boy was getting most of the media coverage rather than Sakib himself.

Actually, the excitement began after Sakib’s recent online live interview. In that particular interview he accused BCB and their staff for misleading everyone about his incompletion to play Test cricket for Bangladesh.

Moreover, he mentioned Akram Khan, chief of BCB’s Cricket Directing Committee, specifically for this.

Sakib said, “It’s being said regularly that I don’t want to play Test cricket. I’m sure, those who are saying that I don’t want to or I won’t play Test Cricket anymore, they didn’t read my letter at all which I had send to BCB back then. That’s the whole story.”

“I never mentioned in that letter that I don’t want to play Test anymore. What I actually said was that I want to play IPL as the preparation for the T20 World Cup.”

He also blamed BCB’S High Performance unite (HP unite) for not working exactly in the right direction. He said, ” It’s HP unite’s fault that they have not been able to make a strong pipeline for the National team”

In addition, He also showed some interest for being the President of BCB after ending his career. He said” If I stay with cricket (after the retirement), and there is a chance of being the President of BCB, then I will obviously take the opportunity.”

“I believe that I will be the best ever BCB President of the history. I’m not sure that anyone else can do better than me as a BCB President.”

Now it’s time to see how BCB react on Sakib’s statement. He will be back to Bangladesh on this Tuesday morning.

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