Novak Djokovic makes history by defeating Roger Federer in Cincinnati Masters Final

History is made on Monday by Novak Djokovic in AEST Masters final and Roger Federer was on the receiving end of it.

The Serbian won the only ATP Masters title that had eluded him, overcoming Saudagar 6-4 6-4 in Cincinnati to become the first man to win all nine Masters Tournament since the concept was introduced in 1990.

Djokovic makes history by defeating Federer in the Cincinnati Masters Final
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Thanks for letting me win for Once Djokovic jocked to Federer at the trophy presentation. I did not play my best tennis today but I managed, and it’s been a Rollercoaster week for me.

Federer did not perform in good in the final. Although his temper boiled during a frustrating match afterwards he was only interested in signing the spotlight on his rival.

Novak, he is a great champion and this is what this should be about, this press conference is not about me missing the second serve returns, it is about him making history that is my opinion.

Djokovic makes history by defeating Federer in the Cincinnati Masters Final
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Djokovic converted his break into a 6-4 opening set win when Federer netted, but the tables turned to start the second set. Federer held serve then took a 2-0 when Djokovic double-faulted on break point.

The crowd was firmly on Federer’s side, chanting Roger at full volume just before he broke. But Djokovic got out the noise and Brokeback the very next game. After Federer Fought his way back to deuce, this year’s Wimbledon champion held his nerve to sing his first game of the set.

But the 31-year-olds mood quickly turned sour when he was pinged for a time violation before the first point of the fourth game. The newly introduced shot clock wound down to zero before the served, prompting a heated Exchange with the umpire

The officials told a shocked Djokovic this shot clock started the moment he got out of his chair after the change of ends. This is why it is zero without him realizing. Despite his protest, the violation stood, but the Serbian champion washes it off to hold serve comfortably and make it 2-2.

Djokovic makes history by defeating Federer in the Cincinnati Masters Final
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A botched forehand drop shot gave Djokovic a 5-3 lead and Federer missed an easy approach on the first point of the next game before and other unforced error made it 30- 0.

However the 37-year-old somehow recovered to win the game with an age to keep his slim title chances alive, but that’s where the optimism ended. Djokovic held serve to win 6-4 6-4 and enter the record books.

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