Messi’s retirement issue: Is it the end for Magician Messi in Argentine jersey?

Messi has taken a break from his National side for this running year. Is he indirectly retiring from Argentine Jersey?

We don’t know. But there is a serious question of his retiring from Argentina National team is going on right now.

Messi and Argentina’s World Cup has ended more than one and a half months ago. During this particular time, there was no such discussion of his retirement from the Argentine national team’s jersey. There was nothing from Messi himself or from the Argentine federation.

In the last one and a half months, this Argentine superstar spent the holidays with his family. After the summer vacation, he joined the Barcelona practice camp. Already he has won trophies for Barca at the start of this season. But it would be wrong to say that there was not an invisible threat of Messi’s retirement among the Argentine fans.

Messi's retirement issue: Is it the end for Magician Messi in Argentine jersey?
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Throughout his career, he played with his 100% effort for the Argentina International side. But most of the time, he has received harsh criticisms instead of compliments. So there was a doubt in the Argentine Federation’s mind about Messi’s return to the National side. A few days earlier, Argentine Football Association (AFA) chief Claudio Chiqui Tapia said that Messi could go for a break in some days.

Argentine fans fear has become true. Messi will not be seen in the national team’s jersey for rest of this year. And It’s yet to confirm when will he return to the national team. So, Argentine fans from all around the world are seriously worried about his future in the National side.

Argentina will play two friendly matches against Guatemala and Colombia in the United States in this September. So, the interim Argentina Coach Lionel Scaloni has to announce the squad for these matches within this Sunday. That’s why he called the Barcelona forward Messi to know whether he would like to play or not. But Messi said ‘no’ as the answer. Furthermore, Messi didn’t clear yet how long this ‘no’ will be applicable.

And all this news has been provided by Argentine Daily Clarin. However, two types of news have been mentioned in their both reports on this issue.

One has said, “Nobody thinks this is his final departure.” Another report says, “But then what will happen next (after 2018)? It’s still unknown.”

Last night, Messi’s Barcelona have won 3-0 against Boca Juniors in Juan Gamper Trophy. Messi put his name on the scoresheet as well. But everybody was discussing Messi’s further presence in Argentina National team, rather than this particular match.

Boca Juniors coach Barros Schelotto also has to comment on this issue. He said “Let Messi stay alone. Only he will take that decision what he wants to do.”

Messi's retirement issue: Is it the end for Magician Messi in Argentine jersey?
Source: The Sun

And Messi’s former national teammate, Boca’s Argentine forward Carlos Tevez said, ” If Messi wouldn’t return to the national team, I’ll understand it. When you’re criticized after giving everything, everything becomes difficult. “

Of course, even after this heart-breaking news, there is a little hope for better things for Argentina fans and the Argentines. Because some Argentine media is whispering that “Messi wants to return to the national team with Copa América next year in Brazil.”

Now the Argentina fans from all over the world are hoping that at least this news will become true. In fact, we hope that as well.

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