Mashrafe’s Return to Test: BCB Boss Papon Is Quite Suspicious About Mashrafe’s Potentiality in Test

Bangladesh cricket has produced 87 Test players till now. In which, player No.19 Mashrafe Bin Mortaza didn’t have that much achievement in the Test arena, but his contribution to country’s cricket is indisputable. No one could ever doubt his ability in Test cricket. But now, some catastrophic injuries are putting too many question marks to his Test career.

Mashrafe Mortaza

He was named as the Test captain of Bangladesh side in 2009. However, his bestie “injury” couldn’t leave him alone for so long. It struck back in his first assignment as Test captain in West Indies. Since then, he is out of the sublimed white-dressed cricket for his country. Though, he has never published any official announcement of his retirement from Test till now.

The appeal for red-balled and white-dressed cricket always remains the first choice for this veteran. If not, then why he is still trying too hard to get back in this format? In between his exile period from Test cricket, he has played few domestic First-class matches in the recent times. That’s not because of he wants to be regular in Test, all he wants is to retire from his beloved format directly from the field.

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And here it seems the only objectionable facts to BCB head Najmul Hasan Papon.

Mashrafe Mortaza
Source: Cricketnmore

BCB boss Papon is always too harsh on commenting on the players. A few days earlier, he commented “I didn’t know he can hit maximums” on Mushfiq’s extraordinary innings.

Isn’t that too much ridiculous for a board president to publicly express his doubt on player’s capabilities?

The moment when former head coach Hathurusinghe announced his resignation, Mr. Papon openly blamed senior players for this resign. Nevertheless, Mashrafe was forced to retire from T20s on Hathurusinghe’s demand. Actually, Mashrafe was asked to resign from captaincy. Instead, self-respecting Mashrafe announced his retirement from T20i.

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Strangely, after his T20 International retirement in last year, he became the highest wicket taker in BPL, and this year’s DPL as well. In fact, Bangladesh hasn’t done something extraordinary after his T20i retirement.

mashrafe mortaza
Source: BDCricTime

Although the board wanted him as a player in T20 team during their hard times, Mashrafe stands strong to his decision. Perhaps, he didn’t want to be thrown away again by the board. Then Mr. Papon said, ” I think, if he able to play ODI then he must play in T20. If he can bowl 10 overs then he must go for 4 overs, that’s why we asked him but he denied. We suppose he is not interested.”

Now, while Mashrafe is showing his intense to get back to the Test squad to have a farewell from the field, BCB head becomes more aggressive. He said, “Where will he play? In which country he will play? Will he play in abroad?”

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He didn’t finish it here, and then he added “Whether he wants coming back as a bowler or batsman? That’s the big question.”


“He has to bowl 20 to 25 overs daily. Is he telling that he can do so? Then we have nothing to say. If he gets the permission from Physio, then he will be welcomed. But we don’t think so. If you guys think that he will play at home and we will bowl only 2 or 3 overs by him, then it’s a different story.”

in fact, how the highest authority of country’s cricket can publicly express his grievances upon his team captain? If he does so, then why?

We have any clue for that. We can assure that, it is defiantly not a very good sign for country’s cricket.

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