Lowest Test Scores From The Recent History Of Cricket

Lowest test scores from the recent history of cricket

Well, enough of astonishing action of t20. Let’s get back to the basic format of cricket. Today we will discuss over the lowest test scores in recent days. We will not focus on the early stages of test cricket for this particular issue. Because, compared to the present standard, cricket was not same in those days. Pitches were left open over the night and during the raining sessions too. So, we will go for the time period of this century.

Lowest Test Scores
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While I am on this, you guys are already been informed that England wiped off on 58 runs by New Zealand. We are not here to tell you guys about that. Here, we will focus on interesting lowest test scores of recent two decades.

Scroll down to see what we have in the best part of it.

New Zealand’s 45 against South Africa (Newlands, Cape Town, 2013)

We are starting with New Zealand as well. Here, they are on the embarrassing side. New Zealand able to put just 45 runs on the scoresheet in the first innings. South Africa used only three bowlers V. Philander, M. Morkel and D. Steyn. They bowled only 19.2 overs and took respectively 5, 3 and 2 wickets for them. In reply, SA made 347 for 8(dec.) in their first innings. NZ couldn’t avoid the innings defeat by scoring 275 runs in their 2nd innings.

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West Indies’s 47 against England (Sabaina Park, Jamaica, 2004)

West Indies and England put on 311 and 339 runs respectively in their first innings. Spectators were waiting for an exciting test match from here on. But, all of a sudden, West Indies collapsed for just 47 runs in their 2nd innings. Stephen Harmison took 7 wickets to demolish the West Indies innings. Three English pacers did it in 25 overs in style. England got a massive 10 wickets victory as well.

Australia’s 47 against South Africa (Newlands, Cape Town, 2011)

Australia got 284 runs with Captain M. Clarke’s 151 runs in the first innings. Soon after, the pitch turns into a hell for the batters of each side. South Africa can manage only 96 runs in reply. But the main story started with Australia’s 2nd innings. They got bowled on just 47 runs in their 18 overs long 2nd innings by South Africans. At a stage, they were 21 for 9. Tell me, that’s not a joke!

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dale steyn
Dale Steyn

V. Philander made a five-wicket haul, and D. Styen and M. Morkel does the rest with alternating 3 and 2 wickets for them. Though, the drama did continue for the last innings as well. The pitch changed her mood for the batters. South Africa made the target of 236 with losing just 2 wickets. They have done it with two massive hundreds as well.

England’s 51 against West Indies (Sabaina Park, Jamaica 2009)

History repeats itself. The same thing happened to that particular test as it happened five years earlier with same two oppositions at the same venue. Cricket is really a damn funny thing!

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After a good looking 1st innings for both teams, West Indies got a 74 runs lead. Who would have thought that 74 runs can earn an innings victory? Pacer Jerome Taylor and spinner Sulieman Benn made that impossible thing possible for them. Even that five-wicket haul can’t demonstrate how destructive Taylor was on that day. He reminds the West Indians of their golden era of pace bowling from the 70s and 80s.

Pakistan‘s 59 and 53 against Australia ( Sharjah, 2002)

Pakistan managed to score 59 runs in their first innings. The second innings was even worse. They bundled out for only 53 in that. Pakistani batsmen had no answer for that mighty Aussie attack. In between those two horrible innings, Australia made 310 runs with M. Hayden’s century in it. That was enough to win the match for them, well inside in two days. Warne holds 4 wickets for each innings.

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