List of tragedies involving sports team (Part-2)

Somehow, if you are get touched by those the accidents from our first episode, then maybe it may increase further in this episode. But don’t think like that, our arrangement is to make your grief even deeper.

Sports tragedies

There is a special reason behind this article. If you want to know, read till the end.

Marshall University, 14 November 1970 (American football team)

marshall university football tragedy
Source: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

This American football team have played their away matches generally via road trips. But on that particular day, Marshall University team arranged a charter flight to go home as early as possible, because wanted to forget their defeat against East Carolina University.

While the plane came almost near the runway of West Virginia Airport and it hit the tree line and got devastated by extreme fire. All the 75 passengers of the plane, including 37 players and 9 coaching staff, were killed on the spot. Shockingly, Just 3 months earlier, another American football team, Wichita State University team, lost their 14 players in a plane crash as well.

FC Pakhtakor Tashkent, 11 August 1979 (Uzbekistan football club)

FC Pakhtakor Tashkent tragedy

FC Pakhtakor Tashkent is the only Uzbek club to play in the top-level Soviet Football League and the only Central Asia team that got into the Soviet Cup final. In 11th of August 1979, this Uzbek club was returning home on a flight from Ukraine.

But in a mid-sky collision with another flight at Dniprodzerzhynsk ( now Kamianske), they have lost their all 17 members of the team all, all 178 passengers from both planes killed on abroad. This fatal accident took place due to a wrong message from the airport control center.

Zambian National Football Team, 27 April 1993

Zambian National Football Team tragedy
Source: Sandals For Goalposts

Most of the players that the team was from that squad, who have crashed Italy by 4-0 in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. On the way to Senegal to play World Cup qualifying match, their specially arranged flight got demolished at Gabon’s Libreville. Total 30 people, including 22 national players, all of whom were killed.

After a few seconds of the takeoff, there is a problem with the left engine, but the pilot turned off the right engine by mistake. And this one mistake was enough to cause a huge damage to the potential generation of Zambian football. More interestingly, Zambia won their first ever trophy of African Cup of Nations at Libreville in 2012 by beating Ivory Coast in the final.

Locomotive Yaroslavl, 7 September 2011 (Russian Ice Hockey Team)

Locomotive Yaroslavl tragedy

This Russian Ice hockey team has been the victim of a plane accident at the own city’s airport. The pilot failed to take off the flight from the very end of the runway, and the plane crashed on the banks of the Volga River after crossing the runway. Of the 45 on board, 43 died on the spot. Due to the accident, the team withdrew their names from the league of that year.

Chapecoense, 28 November 2016 (Brazilian Football Club)

Chapecoense tragedy

This Brazilian club was the victim of most recent devastating air crush related to sports. In 2016, on the way to play the final of Copa Sudamericana against Atletico Nacional, their Airbus faced a fatal crash at Medellin, Colombia. Total fatalities number were 71 people including 19 main players of the Chapecoense.

Few days after that horrible incident, Brazilian federation decided to play the match with the Under-20 team of Chapecoense. But both the teams refused to play the match, which resulted in a 3-0 defeat for both the team. But this defeat is absolutely worthless compared to the win of humanity and brotherhood.

Time is the best healer, those accidents clearly proved that once again. All those teams transformed their sorrow into strength and regained their lost positions in a matter of time. If we want, we can learn a lot from this.

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