List of Tragedies Involving Sports Team (Part-1)

Today we will tell you something completely different. Today, we will present those tragedies, in which not only a family but also a generation was destroyed. You must be confused, why the news of the accidents are appearing here? Because these tragedies ware involving sports and athletes all around the world.

List of tragedies involving sports team

Sport is the world’s oldest social entertainment media. And now, we will tell the sports can make people crying except the infield result.

Torino FC, 4 May 1949 ( Football club, Italy)

Torino FC tragedy
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The 1940s was the most memorable time for Italy’s club Torino. Memorable for charming happiness and horrific sadness, in both senses. At that time, ten of the Italian national team players were from this four consecutive league titles (which was then popular with Grand Turin) winning club

But no one could have thought, not in nightmares, tragedies like this will end up their golden period. On the evening of May 4, 1949, they were returning to their country after playing friendly matches with SL Benfica from Lisbon.

But bad weather and misfortune did not let them return home. Due to heavy clouds and rain, even a distance of 100meters was barely visible for the pilot. Eventually, the plane hit the wall of the ancient fort Basilica of Superga, located in the hill of Turin. It killed 31 passengers on the plane, including the club’s players, officials, journalists, all.

The accident was so pathetic for Italian football that they sent the national team via shipment for next year’s Brazil World Cup

Manchester United, 6 February 1958 ( Football club, England)

Manchester United tragedy

The English elite club, who was returning to home after beating Yugoslavia’s Red Star Belgrade in the quarter-finals of the European Cup (currently Champions League),. On the return trip, the flight descended at the Munich airport for refueling the plane.

With a layer of slush on the runway and hostile winds, and a slight error in the engine, and the airport authority suggested them for a night hold. But the main pilot refused to stay the night to keep his schedule on. He tried to take off for the third time after failing in his first two attempts.

In the third run, the plane came to the end of the runway and couldn’t take-off due to lack of speed. Then it hits the tree line and the left wing got broken and the back part got blown by fire. Manchester United players were there at the back, they thought it will be more secure for them. 21 people died on the spot and two others in the hospital. Among them, 8 players, the team coach, and 2 officials were killed. Surprisingly, the main pilot survived and was later brought to justice for his horrible mistake.

Antonio Varas, 6 February 1965 (Football club, Chile)

Exactly seven years after the Munich Tragedy of Manchester, on February 6, 1965, António Varas, Chile’s Santiago Club, was heading to Uruguay to play with Camadeo in Montevideo. But their flight was diverted to the Andes Mountains on its journey.

It killed 87 people in the plane, including all Antonio Veras club officials and 22 players. The most mysterious thing is that the plane was found in such a weird area, which was not even close to the regular route of the airplane in that region.

The Strongest, 26 September 1969 (Football club, Bolivia)

The Strongest
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The Strongest, the oldest club in Bolivia, whose activities are still in progress. On September 24, after a friendly match with Santa Cruz, their returning flight was disappeared. And two days later on 26 September, the plane was discovered in the rural area near Bolivia’s Truc Cruces Mountain. It is believed that the accident occurred due to lower altitude issue, which was misread by the pilot. All 74 on board was killed including 20 players of The Strongest club.

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