IPL: Cricket or trade? Or both?

IPL logoThe most colorful festival in the cricket world has started. You better know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the IPL. Whose full form is the “Indian Premier League”, though sometimes it is ridiculed by some Indian media as “Indian Paysa League”.

The World Cup Cricket should have been the most colorful festival in the world of cricket. But when everything is bowing before the power of money, then what the heck is cricket? The world’s richest board has shown how to transform cricket completely into a product. And the rest of the boards are trying to get full toll out of this idea.

Starting history:

Cricket tournaments with such teams named under the name of organizations or brands was a very common sight in domestic level of cricketing countries. But the thought of transforming it into such a huge business tournament first came through the brain of Zee Entertainment, one of India’s largest media company.

They have been planning to organize the franchisee based cricket tournament in t20 format across the country, called “Indian Cricket League” since 2005. But the Indian Cricket Board has always prevented them from implementing this plan.

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At one stage, in 2007, they created private venues with their own financing and brought the game on to the field without any permission from Indian Board. They got some high profile cricketers for their league from domestic and abroad. With that move of ICL Indian Board got really worried.

IPL 2017 auction. Source: thehotshott.com

At last in 2009, with the request of the BCCI, ICC finally declared ICL illegal and stopped all its activities. Also, the participating players were banned by the board of their respective countries. Some of the good and potential players of Bangladesh cricket became scapegoats for that particular issue.

Although the ICL was banned, the Indian Board has implemented the Idea to this huge potential cricket market. In 2008, including the biggest names from the country and abroad into different teams with a huge amount of money, BCCI started the “Indian Premier League” aka IPL.

The “domestic” league arranged at abroad:

In 2009, the IPL barely passed the second season. And India’s national election was also held at that same particular year. IPL schedule and the National election goes back almost at the same time. So, the Indian government was incapable of giving proper security to such a huge arrangement like IPL.

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But how will the enormous financial success like IPL be discarded or postponed? The Indian board flies the entire tournament to the South African soil. This was the first time for cricket to experience an away “domestic” tournament!

Spot-fixing and match-fixing controversy:

In 2013, the black side of IPL came in front of everyone for the first time. The appearance of bookies or bookmakers outside and inside of the field of IPL comes to everyone’s attention. Indian cricketer Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan committed spot-fixing in the IPL. With the proper evidence of this, the Indian board banned them to a life suspension from all forms of cricket.

Only three cricketers were involved in such sort of scandal of a huge tournament like this, it is really surprising! Or those three were the smallest sacrifice for the largest benefits?

Spot-fixing in IPL
Source: newslivetv.com

Again in the year 2015, the IPL is tarnished for some people from outside the field. The specially formed Lodha Committee of the Indian board, the two popular franchises of the IPL, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals owner, were expelled from the IPL for two years, and some were banned from cricket for life. They were involved in harmful and immoral activities like match-fixing.

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Now the question is whether the owners are planning to do anything, they are implemented on the field by players. In that case, how the players could not be found guilty? Or the big names from the national cricket of those teams would come to the scene, that’s why the board avoids the cautious look?

Nowadays, franchise t20 cricket on the basis of IPL is ruling all over the world. Our domestic BPL is also inspired by IPL. Supposedly, this was never even above the controversy. Besides, cricket is played with the bat and balls in the field. Isn’t it? So, either for watching the performance of the two Bangladeshi cricketers or for some entertainment, IPL is not bad though. What do you think?

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