ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Bangladesh vs West Indies Match Preview

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It was fixed that this ICC World Cup 2019 will be played among 10 teams, but now 11 teams are playing. It sounds confusing, right? There is no reason to be confused because, in every match, all the teams are facing an invisible opponent, it’s the rain or the hostile weather. But this is the usual condition that this will happen in British conditions.

And in this continuation at Taunton, today’s Bangladesh vs West Indies match is still under the threat of attack by that invisible third opponent. However, weather forecasts say that there is not any particular chance of a heavy shower for today’s match. But it is rare to accept the English weather forecasts. However, both of these teams want at least this prediction to be real for today.

Meanwhile, until today’s match in the points table, Bangladesh and West Indies have played 4 matches with a total of 3 points. Both of them got two points from one win and a point from an abandoned match and lost the other two. Although the Caribbean is slightly ahead because of the net run rate, today’s match has become a ‘knockout’ for the two teams. Because the ones who lose today, there will be chances of them going to the last four.

And in this important game of Tigers, the small size of the field becomes another extra headache for the Tigers. Because the boundary line of the Somerset county ground in Tanton is less than 30 yards distance from the inner circle. And trapping the Caribbean power heaters on such a small field could make it difficult for tiger bowling attacks.

But in recent times, Bangladesh is ahead in the fight against these two groups. Bangladesh won 7 of the last 10 matches of the two teams. Tigers have won the first-ever multi-level tournament in their history by winning the last three matches in the West Indies in Ireland.

Source: InsideSport

The main plan of Bangladesh is always against the West Indies by spinners. It seems to be absurd in today’s match. And the bigger arms of the Windies camp will be their dynamic pace attack. Seeing now, who can reflect on the field of reflection on the plan.

Meanwhile, half of the Tiger Squads have a minor problem. Among them, Tiger fans were more concerned about Mushfiq’s two-month-long injury to practice. However, it is not something serious, because of the thought of fans and team management.

On the other hand, due to the injuries, Caribbean all-rounder Andre Russell is not sure how to play in today’s match. It will be somewhat comforted by the Bangladesh team. And even if opener Evelyn Lewis will remain in the eleventh match, it is also uncertain.

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