France: Battel For The Crown

After beating the Netherlands in qualifying round France earned their position in the main event of 2018 World Cup for the battle of the Crown. After a random group selection of the team, they placed into Group C along with Australia, Sweden, and Denmark. With a beautiful opening ceremony, the 2018 Russia world cup main event started.

Source: FIFA


Group champion France:

On 16 June 2018 France started the world cup journey at Kazan arena against Australia. It was a jaw-dropping match where they beat Australia by 2-1 goal. It was Griezman who scored the first goal for France against Australia. The first goal came out from a penalty shootout. After that Australia scored the equalizer goal from a penalty shootout. At the end of the game, Uzir scored the winning goal for France. With the help of VAR France got their first victory against Australia with a 2-1 goal. After completing the group ground by 1 win and 1 draw they reached the knockout round being a group champion.

Source: Frenchly

Knockout round:

In the knockout round, France faced Mighty Argentina. They beat Argentina by 4-3 goal. It was a great game and the whole football Nation worldwide enjoyed the game. They got their first goal against Argentina in knockout round by penalty shootout. Then Argentine Striker Di Maria and Messi’s magical goal give Argentina 2-1 lead. Then they got more Furious an Unstoppable, striker Bapard and MBappae scored two more goals which give France a win against Argentina and took them to the quarter-final.

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In the quarter-final France faced Uruguay. They beat Uruguay by 2-0 goal. The first goal in quarter-final came from Pogba and striker Griezmann scored the winning goal when Uruguay goalkeeper did a mistake. From group round to the quarter-final the difference of winning goal for France was one goal. For the first time, France wins by 2 goals.

Source: Hindustan Times



It was not easy for France for playing against the golden generation Belgium. The two team played a spectacular game in the semi-final. The dedication and thirst of win where present in that game. The goalkeeper of Belgium was the hero of the game. For Belgium, he played a vital role against France. But at the very last moment of the game, a header from Umtiti brings the win for France. And by that goal, Belgium playing in the final dream got broken and they place themself in the final of Russia 2018 World Cup.

Source: The Australian


France knows that only aggressive playing is not enough to reach the dream. Till now they have shown their patients and strategic playing style. They also know that they have a strong defense which will help them to become the best football playing nation of the world by winning the title “World Champion”.



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