Four Things went wrong with Bangladesh Test Cricket

Well, It’s not like that we are here to criticize our beloved Bangladesh Test cricket team just after another flop home test series.

Bangladesh has been consistently disappointing in Test cricket (image:NDTV news)

Actually, we wanted them to bounce back.So, here we will try to focus on some facts that went wrong with Bangladesh test cricket.

Lack of planning by BCB

It’s one of the major issues that harms country test cricket the most.Literally, there was no plan, what-so-ever, from Bangladesh Cricket Board from the words go in test cricket for Bangladesh.

When Bangladeshi entered into the crickets most prestigious format, BCB could set up a goal to achieve in next one or two decades.

It’s not like that we could be at the top of test rankings by following that type of goal.But it could help the side to be more consistent than what they are right now.

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However, it’s true that there was a huge lack of logistics and financial support from the Government back then.But, by the time goes on, the amount of local and overseas popularity of cricket earns BCB enough finance to do so.

Worthless domestic first-class tournament

Still now, the quality of our domestic first-class cricket is one of the worst in the world.And it’s a mystery that a board full of cashes, are so helpless to improve the quality of their domestic first-class cricket.

If you are a regular spectator of Bangladeshi cricket, then you are well aware of the off and on field deficiency of the domestic first-class tournament.

Even, the selectives didn’t show any interest to the regular performers in domestic level in last two decades.It happened because they don’t have enough faith in their own domestic cricket!

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Misreading the Test Format

Most of the time, Bangladeshi test cricket heavily relied on some particular performers.But test cricket is not one man show like other shorter formats of cricket.

Of course, an individual performance can have a great impact on the game, might earn you win sometimes.But you don’t expect your top performers to deliver the same all the time.

In terms of batting in the test cricket, we relied on two or maximum three top batsmen to impose a big total.Likewise, we only trust our spinners for quick taking options.But if they fail to do so, do we have any plan B?

Misjudging the strength and weaknesses

If you can’t judge your strength and weakness properly, it’s not easy to focus on the right areas to improve.

For instance, apart from their strong batting lineup, some twenty years earlier India used to rely on their spinners for home tasting series.So, their first-class cricket was based on the spinners.

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That strategy helped them to earn some home series wins, but they failed to conquer the overseas.Soon they realized it’s time to keep an eye on the peace option as well.

We all can see the result of such actions in their recent performance.Now they have one of the worlds versatile and strong peace attacks.

In fact, Indian batsmen have to sort out their problems against peace and bounce in the domestic arena.Now they have the most effectively combined test team in recent times.

Can’t we follow the same footsteps?We know it takes time, but it has to start right now.Otherwise, Bangladeshi don’t test playing capabilities will be under a great question mark!

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