FIFA World Cup 2018: Argentina is In Front of the Ordeal of World Cup

World Cup’s group stage games are going on. And in a particular match between two sides, on the team is at the 5th position at FIFA ranking and another team is at 48. It’s pretty normal for you to bet on the number 5 ranked team. But when you hear the team’s name is Argentina, their worst performance in last two matches in the World Cup will appear in your sight. Then you have to think twice before betting on them.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Argentina is In Front of the Ordeal of World Cup

However, it’s known to all that Lionel Messi’s Argentina is going to get a high-altitude trial tonight. There is no alternative except winning for them to extend their World Cup tour. Albiceleste has Nigeria in front of them as their well-known opponents. In their previous four meetings at World Cup finals, Argentina has won all of them. But this time it seems quite difficult for them to win here. The reason for this is also known, their efforts were too ordinary in the first two matches. In terms of recent form, African Super Eagle Nigeria is quite ahead of Argentina. Meanwhile, in their last meeting in November, the name of the winning team was Nigeria as well.

However, Mascherano-Biglia announced their position for the do-or-die in the pre-match press conference. There was a lot of hope in their brief. They said Argentina is well-prepared to fight in the do-or-die match.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Argentina is In Front of the Ordeal of World Cup
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And the Messi’s ineffectiveness was noticed mostly in their previous match against Croatia. Whatever, everyone knows how much Argentina depends on Messi. Messi celebrated his 31st birthday two days ago (June 24th) 31st birthday, Messi will have to return to his best right now, otherwise, his probable last World Cup will end up in the group stage.


The news of discrepancy between coach Sampaoli and his players came to the public from the beginning of this World Cup. And the team’s senior players announced that the coach was unwanted after their ugly defeat against Croatia. However, the Argentine federation has settled the issue by submitting the match’s main responsibility to the core players. So today, they will be back with their familiar 4-3-3 formation in the field.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Argentina is In Front of the Ordeal of World Cup
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On the other hand, Ahmed Musa’s team Nigeria is in a breezy mood after winning against Iceland. Musa has scored two goals in that match. This Musa had scored twice against Argentina four years ago as well. So that works as an extra motivation fact for him. He said “I scored goals against Messi and Argentina, I scored two goals against them in the last World Cup. I scored for Lester against Messi’s Barcelona. I’ll do it again in this match, maybe two goals.”

In the country, Ahmed Musa is also known as”Lionel” Musa in Lionel Messi’s county Argentina. But which “Lionel” will smile or which one will cry? It can be answered after tonight’s game only.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Argentina is In Front of the Ordeal of World Cup
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Although Argentina is still ahead in the betting odds. Betting sites are offering at 4/7 (1.57) for the Argentine win. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s victory rate is 5/1 (6.00). The betting rate stand on 3/1 (4.00) for a draw.

A defeat will end Messi’s teams World Cup here. If the match turns into a draw, then it will also be the ticket to return home for the Albiceleste. And if they win the match, they must look at the Croatia-Iceland match. If Croatia wins the match, Argentina has win somehow to go to the second round. But if Iceland wins, Argentina will have to win by at least one more goal than them. Basically, Argentina’s World Cup luck is in front of a really difficult test indeed.

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