European League Transfer News: Latest Updates till Now

The season is not officially closed yet, but appetizing transfer news from everywhere starts to buzz among the crowds. Apparently, it’s a very usual scenario for this particular time of every season. While spectators have nothing to worry about the league table standings, then it becomes the talk of the town for them. There is no exception for this year as well.

Let’s scroll down to check out the available updates of transfer news throughout Europe.

Real Madrid eagerly wants Liverpool’s “Hot cake” Salah

Mohamed Salah
Source: Sky Sports

Who would never want to pick Salah up during this transfer window? Nevertheless, the main query is, would Liverpool like to sell their golden duck?

So far, the answer is no. In fact, Liverpool management seals the security of Mo Salah by uprising his per week wage from £90000 to £185000.

On the contrary, Real president Perez wants Salah into Bernabeu dugout. In that case, Liverpool sets a £176 millions price tag on Salah. Not only that, they added a two-for-one condition with this price tag. Perhaps, they will ask for Bale and Keylor Navas as well.

The fact is, it’s a too heavy demand. This deal sounds unprofitable to Real President as well.

United Wants to exchange Pogba with Griezmann

Paul pogba
Source: Metro

I suppose Manchester United don’t want to undergo with Pogba anymore. Eventually, his performance at Old Trafford wasn’t that much noticeable for the last seasons. He was also out of the field for a long time due to injuries.

His hostile relationship with the boss Mourino is also a massive issue with this intention… Now, United wants to exchange him with Atletico Madrid’s Frenchman Antonio Griezmann. United is also eyeing to another Frenchman, Umtiti from Barcelona.

Man City is ready with millions

sheikh mansour

Manchester City, powered by multi-billionaire Sheikh Mansour, is ready to go for some new faces at the Etihad Stadium. While City boss Guardiola was asked about the transfer window, he replied with a joke that they are going to spend a billion in this summer.

Actually, City boss is heading towards some big names like Asensio, Isco, Bale, Luiz Jorginho and Joao Felix. So, he knows that it will definitely cost a lot of money if there will be any deal.

Tottenham Hotspurs want Lazio duos

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic
Source: Metro

Tottenham Hotspur wants to include Lazio duos Sergey Milinkovic-Savic and Ciro Immobile into their side. Both of them are in a form of their life. Lazio striker Immobile is in the top of this year’s scorer list of Serie A. The expected cost is more than £100 million, but they will arrange the money from offloading some regular numbers.

Everyone is confused about Lewandowski


There was an enormous rumor about Levandowski’s shifting to Real Madrid after this season. But the rumor still remains as a rumor because no one is quite sure, would Real like to spend a huge amount of money on aging Lewandowski or they won’t.

Many experts are saying that Real will not go for Levandoski while they already have a strong bench for forwards. There is also a talk of exchanging Bale with Levandowski is available in the market. But Real president Perez indicates that Bale is going stay at Bernabeu for another season.

Tales of transfer will not stop until the transfer window is closed. So, which one of them is rumor or which one is news? Only the time can decide that.

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