European Golden Shoe 2017-18: List of Best Five

This year’s European football season is going to end in a short time. In fact, most of the races for league titles have been finished. But the competition for scoring goals is still on for a few weeks.

European Golden Shoe
Source: Wikimedia Commons

For the last decade, this competition of top scorer was limited in between Messi and Ronaldo. But a new face has been introduced to the football world for this year. It would be an injustice to say that the new face, Muhammad Salah was just introduced. Currently, he is on the top of that run for European Golden Shoe.

Here is our list of the top 5 scorers in Europe for this season.

# 1 Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (30 goals, 60 points)

Mohamed Salah
Source: Sports Illustrated

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp could not even imagine that Salah, who was brought on from Roma to Anfield at the beginning of the season, would turn out to be such a golden egg litter. Salah, The Egyptian king is leading the trident of Liverpool’s attack from the very beginning of this season.

With his 30 goals in this current season, he holds the record of most goals in a season for Liverpool, and with 40 goals in all competitions, he has the chance of holding the record of Liverpool’s highest scorer of 42 goals in one season. In fact, this year’s European Golden Shoe is most probably going to be on his foot with the pace he is moving forward, that’s for sure.

# 2 Lionel Messi, Barcelona (29 goals, 58 points)

Lionel Messi

Messi achieved his fourth European Golden Shoe in the last season, with that he equalized the number of Golden Shoes with his arch-rival Ronaldo. The Argentine magician has been leading the Barca attack from the front, like any other times.

Although it’s hard to say, he was in his best rhythm throughout this season, but the recent scoring form of Messi, who is just 1 goal behind Mohamed Salah, is to be considered seriously on the list of European Golden Shoe. Moreover, after being knocked out from Champions league, there is nothing to lose for Barca in this season. The league has already been confirmed. So, it is not difficult to guess that Messi’s eyes will be on that available European golden shoe.

# 3 Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich (27 goals, 54 points)

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski is the exact definition of a perfect striker, no doubt about that. Bayern’s Polish striker Lewandowski, who has scored 30 odd goals in the last two seasons, is also in his formidable form in this season.

The former Dortmund forward is now the main weapon for Bayern’s goal scoring. Bayern, who won 6th Bundesliga title with 5th matches still left, is looking forward to winning the treble. Levandowski is one of the most valuable craftsmen behind this hope. There are yet four more games left in the league, so let’s see how he managed to keep himself in the competition for the golden shoe.

#4 Ciro Immobile, Lazio (27 goals, 54 points)

Ciro Immobile

Immobile, who has spent his best time in last season, is holding his excellent form once again. Former Dortmund’s Italian forward has come back to Lazio and got himself back. In fact, Lazio is able to mark their name on the top four of this current Serie A with Immobile’s formidable service. It is quite an achievement for him to keep his name in this position in the crowd of big names throughout Europe.

# 5 Harry Kane, Tottenham (26 goals, 52 points)

Harry Kane
Source: Sky Sports

Harry Kane was the top scorer of English league for the last two consecutive seasons. But this season, he did not have a great start in the earlier part of the league. However, he managed to recover his slow pace by scoring some penalties for Spurs in the last few games.

He will not be able to be the best goalscorer in the English league because of Salah, but keeping his name on the top 5 of European scorer list for three consecutive seasons is not a bad achievement at all.

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