European Football League: Summary from This Weekend

Only a few weeks left to go for the European Football leagues of this year. The title has been settled in most of the leagues. But there is still some sort of excitements left in few leagues.

European Football League UEFA

How was this week’s European league scenery? let’s take a look.

English Premier League:

English Premier League

The equation was too simple for Guardiola’s contingencies in last Saturday. All they had to beat United in that Manchester Derby to win the title officially. They were pretty much on it by a 2-0 lead at the end of first half. But Pogba, who was not on the Man U scoresheet for last 23 games, scored a couple and Smalling’s struck a volley to disrupt Citizen’s title fest. Meanwhile, Chelsea draws 1-1 to Westham at the home turf and risking their opportunity to play the next Europa League. And Arsenal won 3-2 at the home ground against Southampton.

Spanish La Liga:

Spanish La Liga

This week’s La Liga was just about Barcelona and Messi. With Massi’s hat-trick against Leganes on Saturday, Barca touched the record of the 38-match unbeaten, which was previously done by Real Sociedad in 1979-80’s La Liga. And with the total of 29 goals, Messi is now on the run for the European Golden Shoe alongside Liverpool’s Mohammad Salah. On the other hand, Madrid Derby match was drawn by Athletico and Real, and Real dropped to 4th on the league table.

Italian Serie A:

Italian Serie A

Juventus and Napoli kept the distance of 4 points between them in Italian Serie A. Both teams have won their respective matches. With Paolo Dibala’s (champions league red card holder) hat-trick, Juventus defeated Benvenanto by 4-2 goals. And Napoli defeated Chievo by 2-1.

German Bundesliga:

German Bundesliga

This week in Bundesliga, Bayern has done their predeterminate job of winning the league title for 6 consecutive times with 5 matches left to play. Bayern-Augsburg was more likely a formality. Bayern won that as everybody guessed. But the German giants did not celebrate the title win as it was meant to be. Why will they celebrate too early, while they have a great chance of winning the treble? They have the opportunity to win both the German League Cup and the Champions League. So they want to splash the color of the festival with little bit deeper color. Of course, they can expect it, while they are dominating in the field performance.

France Liga One:

France Liga One

I must say, without Neymar, PSG is in very much trouble. They played bad football with Saint-Etienne but also saved the match by a 1-1 draw with a very lucky and late own goal. PSG turned into a 10-man squad in 41st minutes. The most interesting event of that match was Cavani’s missed out on an empty post scoring opportunity. Which is one of the worst in history, I guess so. Although the league table could never be affected by that match at all.

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