European Football League: Notable Events from This Weekend

Real’s last minute against Juventus was the talk of the town for entire Europe for the last week. Not only Europe, the whole world was divided into two-part in favour of this controversial goal. But this is not a massive issue for any other leagues throughout Europe. Leagues are going with its own tide. So, here we go with some updates of this weekend from all these leagues.

English Premier League

European Football League: English Premier League

English giant Man City officially finished their race for the title this week. In fact, the race for English league title was ended few rounds back. Only the formal announcement was left. Man City’s lost against United in last week, has just restricted the Citizens from celebrating the title at home.

Citizens make their 4th league title back to home after 4 seasons with a 3-1 win over the Hotspur. On the other hand, Man U has lost against the West Brom at home and Arsenal lost to Newcastle.

Liverpool has confirmed their straight entry to next year’s Champions League by the wings of Egyptian King Mohammad Salah, with the victory against Bournemouth. Salah has also kept himself ahead of the race for European Golden Shoe with his 30th league goals.

Spanish La Liga

European Football League: Spanish La Liga

This week, a unique record from Barca couldn’t be able to remove the pain from last week’s Champions League game against Roma. Barca beat Valencia by 2-1 and grabs that record of most constant unbeaten matches in La Liga, which they were sharing with Real Sociedad in last week.

Although this achievement couldn’t make the Barca fans too much happy in this rain-fed match. That defeat against Roma had a profound impact on the whole Camp Nue. On the other hand, Atletico Madrid survived in the league fight (only in the pen and paper) by defeating Levante in a 3-0 score. Real Madrid came back to the winning rhythm of La Liga by beating Malaga in 2-1.

Italian Serie A

European Football League: Italian Serie A

This week’s Napoli-AC Milan High Voltage match of the Italian top league was a draw with quite a low-voltage, and that left Napoli way behind in the league run. At the same time, by defeating Sampdoria in a 3-0 score at home, Juventus took themselves to a safe distance of 7 points from Napoli.

Although 6 matches of the league are yet to come, the recent reversal performance of those two teams is not giving much speculation about a last moment rivalry in the league.

German Bundesliga

European Football League: German Bundesliga

Bayern has taken home the Bundesliga title last week. Now there is nothing left except the formal league finishing for them. Actually, They are keeping their bird eyes on the treble by winning the Champions League and the German Cup trophy. And they keep their momentum right by beating Monchengladbach in 5-0. On the other hand, Schalke04 has won by 2-0 over Dortmund.

French League One

European Football League: French League One

In the previous week, PSG was somehow managed to draw, but they turn around in this week. Actually, we have to say a little too much. Otherwise, how could they celebrate a goal festival against Monaco? While Monaco is in the 2nd position of the league table.

While all the spectators were expecting an exciting match from the top two teams in the league, PSG demolished Monaco by a 7-1 score. Celso and D Maria scored two goals each. However, by inserting a goal in the own net, Falcao also managed to put his name on the scoresheet of this goal festival.

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