Euro Farewell Stars

“The old line of the earth is eroded,

Love slowly disappears, even the stars have to die one day …. ” 

There is no one outside this infallible law of nature. Following that rule, many Europe-drunk stars will play the last Euro. Today’s event is for those who can feel the emptiness left in the next Euro.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Age is a number to him. But even then, everything has an end. This is the last Euro for Ronaldo, who turned 36 this February. However, Fernando Santos is reluctant to accept it. That’s what he said about Ronaldo at the press conference,

“Hopefully, he’ll play one more Euro.”

Author: Dagur Brynjólfsson

Who would not want the best player of the team to hold for a long time! However, for the sake of reality, it does not seem impossible, but the possibility is very slim. As far as he is concerned, the name is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is going to Euro with 103 goals. Ronaldo will come to leave Ali Daiyi behind and rise to No. 1. Who wouldn’t want such a big stage to own this world record?

However, Ronaldo, who has played the most matches in Portugal’s jersey, is holding two more records. If you play one match in this Euro, you will beat Thomas Rosicky in four Euro tournaments, and if you score one goal, you will surpass Platini as the highest scorer in Euro. Ronaldo will also have the sole credit of scoring five consecutive Euros. Ronaldo will be able to do a lot if nothing big happens, his rivals will unanimously admit.

Defending champions Portugal could not finish the match in the last final, Ronaldo had to leave the field earlier due to injury. Before winning the Euro for the last time, Ronaldo will want to win the title again, this time he will want to finish from the field! 

Sergio Busquets

“You don’t see Busquets on the field when he’s playing. But in the match, he didn’t play, you’ll understand that Busquets is gone today.”

Del Bosque said about the Busquets. ‘Form is temporary but class is permanent – the saying goes well with the Busquets this year. The Busquets, who averaged last season at Talmatal Bar are back in great form this season. So, Enrique did not have to think twice to keep Busquets in the team. Even in the absence of Sergio Ramos, Busquets is the captain of Spain.

Source: HITC

Busquets will turn 33 next month. So not just the last euro, maybe the last time Busquets will be seen in the euro wearing a Spanish jersey. Busquets, who won Euro 2012, would like to add another Euro medal to their trophy case. In that case, he will have to become the lifeblood of the midfield.

Manuel Neuer

Arguably one of the best goalkeepers in modern football and one of the best sweeper keepers of all time. Won everything possible in career. There is only one euro feather in the crown. The German Wall, which turned 35 last March, is 36 ahead of the next Euro. He will probably take off his gloves for the national team at the end of the Euros. So Nayyar is desperate to win the adorable Euro for the last time. And the captain’s brace is in his hand.

He has already played 96 matches for Germany. He is going to be named as the 13th German in this Euro to play in 100 clubs. But before that, the ordeal in front of Nayyar. German supporters are waiting for Nayyar, who is in the same group as France and Portugal, to be a superhuman wall. However, in his last Euros, it would have been a real blow to Nayyar if he had destroyed everything, which he has proved time and time again.

Author: Steindy

Giorgio Chiellini

He watched the 2006 World Cup win sitting on the side bench. The 21-year-old Kiellini is now one of Italy’s most famous defenders. Mourinho once said that Kiellini should go to Harvard and be given an easy lesson in defense.

He has been playing since Euro 2008. This time the captain’s armband is in the hands of Chiellini, the most senior and experienced member of the team. He has played 107 matches for Italy, the 7th most played a match for Italy. This is the last tournament for Chiellini, who is 36 years old. He is also desperate to show a defending masterclass for the last time.

Source: Reuters

Despite touching the World Cup like Manuel Neuer, the Europa is still adored by Chiellini. The closest came in 2012 Euro, they had to lose to Spain in the final of the service. The responsibility of restoring the glorious time lost by turbulent Italy a few years ago is now in the hands of Chiellini. The recent form of Italy can give hope to Chiellini. Win the Euros before you leave … that’s the expectation for him! 

Gareth Bell

In football or his lack of attention, the place of interest in golf. However, the national team has changed beyond the club. He plays for Wales. With or without attention, Gareth Bale’s talent was never in doubt.

It was Bell’s hand that started to make Wales famous in Europe. He is also the top scorer for Wales. This is the last Euro for Bell, who will turn 32 next month. Rumor has it, there is a possibility that the deal with Madrid will be fully lifted. If that possibility is true, it could be not only the last Euro but also the last tournament for Wales for Gareth Bale. 

Source: One Football

Before leaving, Captain Bell will ask his team to repeat the last Euro. Wales played in the last Euro semi-final with the help of Bell-Robson Kanud. One step ahead, Gareth Bale wants the title this time. The Welshman looked to Bell, who had a great season for Tottenham. And as the last dance, Gareth Bale must not be too late to run to the defender!

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