Epl 2020-21: latest news updates before Christmas

After being consistently poor throughout this EPL 2020-21, Arsenal’s horror show continues against Man City in Carabao Cup this week. Gunner manager Mikel Arteta admits his side MUST ‘turn things sooner rather than later or will find themselves in big trouble’, which they are already in. But he’s yet to give up on his side and insisted that “I still have fighters”.

Image source: football.london

After a 4-1 defeat against Pep Guardiola’s Man City, Arsenal boss Arteta said “We have to turn it around, there is no question.”

“If we don’t, we are in big trouble, so that (next run of games) is the moment which is going to decide our season”

“I am focused on the fighters that we have (in the squad), the spirit which we showed tonight again going against a really difficult opponent and the way we tried.”

Queued on 15th place of this EPL 2020-21, does his words can change anything for the disheartened Gunner fans?

Liverpoo superstar Mohammad Salah is not famous for his speech anyway. Talking to cameras is very unlikely him throughout his career. He always like to let his legs do the talking for him.

image source: Mirror.co.uk

He never give an interview to any outside media except Liverpool’s in-house communications in last three years. But recently he was featured in Spanish newspaper AS. During his interview, a simple quote fuel the fires of a potential move to Real Madrid or Barcelona was so out of character – and caught so many people off guard.

While dangling the bait about Real Madrid and Barcelona being “top clubs” he said, “who knows what will happen in the future, but right now I am focused…”

It’s not just him who said something like this during an interview, but does this have any hidden meaning?

Meanwhile, Barcelona is eyeing to find the best substitute of Lionel Messi, if Messi leave his current club at the end of this season as he mentioned at the starting of the season. Catalans giants are also in the midst of presidential elections, if anyone can make deal with someone like Mohammad Salah, then it could seal the deal in the election for any candidate.

But the fact is, Barcelona are in crippling debt and asked their players to take wage cuts in an attempt to let some air out of the most inflated wage bill in Europe. There is a little chance for Barcelona to afford Salah if Messi leaves, maybe not even then.

On the other hand, Real Madrid didn’t spent any money at the transfer market for more than a year. The hole that left after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, is still hurting Real dugout very much. So it would really be awesome if they can make a deal with Salah.

But here is some serious fact as well. Real is eying on Kylian Mbappe who will be free from PSG contract after 12 months. If they spend too much on ’28 years old’ Salah, then ‘Mbappe deal’ could be in danger, even impossible for them.

If Salah had just said something like that to make his increment more healthy, or to extended his contract(still 2 and a half years left) for a year or so, then it could be a common stance for any footballer. Who knows?

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