England Becomes the First Country to Play the 1,000th Test Match

England is playing their 1000th test match against India at Edgbaston Birmingham on 1st August. In 142 years of cricket history, England is the only team in the history of cricket to reach the milestone.

The journey started in 1877 with the first test match against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The match was held on the Melbourne Cricket Ground from March 15 to 19.

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James Lillywhite led the England cricket team and gathered the England player for their first test match. This the first test match that was held between the two countries.

England has so far won 357 test matches, defeated in 297 test and drawn 345 test matches.

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The most interesting fact of the test matches in the early 19th century was that there was no time limit in the test matches, and then one over ended in 4 balls.

After finishing a successful tour in Australia, England invited Australia to play test matches in their country in 1880.

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The first test match in England was held at the Oval stadium.

Since then England oval Stadium has been established as the second international cricket ground after the Melbourne stadium in Australia.

In the 2nd test match with Australia in their own country, England lost to Australia by 7 runs. Since then the Ashes Trophy was started.

ICC chairman Manohar congratulates at England on the occasion said “I congratulate England team for their 1000 test match on behalf of the entire cricket family, I wish England all the best in this historic match and may it continue to produce players and performances that inspired the following of test cricket, the oldest and most demanding format of the game”.

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A list has been published of those who led England in the 148 journey of England’s cricket team.

Among them for of the players have led England most times, and those are Alastair Cook 59 Times, Mike Atherton 54 times, Michael Vaughan 51 times, and Andrew Strauss 50 times.

So far the equation is good for England with India. England played 117 test matches with India of which 43 times they won and 25 times defeated by India.

Till the very first 1000 test match England is in fifth on the ICC rankings and India number one.

Source: Cricket Yahoo

Although England is still behind from the ranking with India, England will always be remembered as the birthplace of the cricket.

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All the most of the matches are seen today, Indian viewers create an exciting situation in the gallery, but the patience and love of the visitors during a test match at Lords and the Melbourne Cricket Ground brings different levels between the two teams which are unimaginable.


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