El CláSico: This Season’s Last El CláSico Ended up with a Massive Clash

After the Champions League finals, El Clásico is the most discussed match in the world club football. Even though this season’s last El Clásico match was already named as a worthless Clásico of the season.

Actually, Barcelona’s league title win with four matches in hand and Real’s early fall behind in the race for the title was the main reason behind this sort of tag-line to this El Clasico.

El CláSico
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But who would have thought that this dead El Clásico will be one of the best El Clásico in this entire season?

The match was begun with some sort of fight for self-esteem. According to tradition, this season’s title winner Barcelona deserved a Guard of Honor from the Real Madrid side. On the other hand, Real Authority had kept an advance announcement that they are not going to give it. But how can the title winner go to the field without any Guard of Honor? So, Barcelona’s coaching staff has given their team a guard of honour on the field.

Both of the team started the game with attacks and counter attacks. In the 10th minute, Suarez scored from the cross of Sergio Roberto, and Barcelona had their lead in the match. But that lead was not held for long, in 14 minutes Ronaldo scored the equalizer with Benzema assist and Real came back strongly in the game.

While all big names started to make their footprint in the match, then how can Messi remain quiet. He scored a remarkable goal in the 52nd minute and brought back team’s lead, this time it was Suarez’s assist. Till then Bale is the only big name who was not on the scoresheet and so does he. He puts his name on the scorecard in the 72nd minute.

All the stars were not only in the discussion because of scoring perspective. In terms of having cards, they were way ahead than others. Nacho has the first yellow card of the match in the 12th minute, then Varane was booked by the referee in 31st minutes and it was the second of the match.

El CláSico
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But the biggest battlefield scenario of the match started in the 44th minutes. Suarez had a bit of collision with Real’s Goalkeeper Navas in his follow through. Because of this, Suarez and Ramos got involved in a hot conversation and shoved each other for a while. Then both of them were booked by the referee with a yellow card. In the next minute, it seemed like that Messi willingly did the rough tackle on Ramos for earning the yellow card. Later, in the final minute of the added time first half, Sergio Roberto left the field with a straight red card by slapping Marcelo.

Following this trend, Bale, Marcelo and Rakitic were booked by the referee with yellow cards in between the 76 to 85 minutes.

Although, both of the team was dissatisfied with referee’s decisions during the match. Even Ramos blamed Messi and the referee’s prematch conversation as one of the reasons for referee’s decisions. In fact, in a high emotional match like El Clasico, players are often comments like this.

Another important event in the match is Ronaldo’s absence after the first half. Everyone thought that Real Boss Zidane has kept Ronaldo in rest for the Champions League final. But after the match, it has been cleared that the injuries are the main reasons behind this. But Zidane also said that Ronaldo’s injury problem is not so complicated.

But in the end, it was a just a game and its greatness was proved by Zidane’s farewell hug to another great Iniesta. Real boss Zidane waited for five minutes in the tunnel, to have a farewell hug to Barca legend Iniesta. This is how the great battle of El Clásico was ended up with.

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