Cricket Is Shrinking Again; ECB Is Planning for a 100 Balls a Side Cricket Match

The England and Wales Cricket Board plans to go for another shorter version of cricket. The introducers of T20 format are now looking forward to arranging 100 balls a side cricket match. Their primary plan is to execute an eight-team, city-based men and women tournaments.

100 Balls a Side Cricket Match
Source: Evening Standard

They have planned to have a traditional 6 balls over for the first 15 overs, and then the game will be finished off with 10 balls over. That would be 20 balls lesser than traditional T20 matches.

This prelude was presented by the ECB to the chairman and chief executives of the first-class counties and MCC on Thursday.

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According to ECB’s issued statement on Thursday, the competition would take a place in a five-week block in the middle of the season.

The chief executive officer of ECB Tom Harrison said, “This is a fresh and exciting idea which will appeal to a younger audience and attract new fans to the game.”

The former English captain and present director of English Cricket Andrew Strauss said in his interview with BBC Radio 5, “T20 has been unbelievably successful and it has established a very strong audience now,”

Later he added, “We want that audience but a different audience as well, who perhaps would like things slightly different. That’s the driver behind this idea.

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Source: The Independent

“T20 has become a longer and longer format of the game. It is more than four hours in a lot of parts of the world.

“We want kids to be able to go to bed earlier and it is worth saying it is going to be on terrestrial TV. We want the more casual audience.”

English paceman Stuart Broad said to Sky Sports in favour of this new format, “I’m hugely optimistic, I love the fact that it’s different to all the other tournaments worldwide — 15 six-ball overs and then the pressure of a 10-ball over to finish,”

There are also some dissents available over this issue. Meanwhile the former English pacer Chris Tremlett post on Twitter “not sure what’s wrong with T20 and why we’re trying to get funky,”

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“The longer form of the game is what needs spicing up, not the shorter form,” he added later on.

That was not the end. Few fans and players caricatured that, “players should wear clown outfits”

However, we will not go for any further judgments on this new proposed format. Only time could say whether this innovative idea will pay off or not.

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